DC Secrets Revealed! – “Behind the Scenes With Superman”

Author Steve Kort has published a new book titled “Behind the Scenes With Superman (DC Secrets Revealed!)”, which delves into all the questions you have about the Man of Steel.

Why is Superman so powerful on Earth? What is his suit made of? How does red Kryptonite affect the Man of Steel? Dig into a treasure trove of info about the Last Son of Krypton. Featuring captivating text, quick lists, fun quizzes, and more, this behind-the-scenes bio is bursting with fantastic facts and super secrets! It has everything young readers never knew they needed to know about Superman!

Behind the Scenes with Superman

Priced at US$6.99 and available to order from Amazon, the 32 page book from Stone Arch Books is recommended for readers aged 8-11, but can be enjoyed by Superman fans of all ages.

Other books in the series include, Behind the Scenes With Batman, Behind the Scenes With Wonder Woman, and Behind the Scenes With Harley Quinn.