DC Announces “Superman ’78” and “Batman ’89” Comic Books

The Movie Worlds of Superman ’78 and Batman ’89 Are Heading to Comics in Two All-New DC Digital First Series!

The gothic mentality of Tim Burton’s Batman lurks around every corner in Batman ’89 by Screenwriter Sam Hamm and Artist Joe Quinones!

You’ll believe a man can fly in Superman ’78 by Writer Rob Venditti and Artist Wilfredo Torres!

Beginning in July 2021, decades after both Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie and Tim Burton’s Batman introduced generations of fans to silver screen versions of DC’s Man of Steel and the World’s Greatest Detective, DC is returning to these beloved properties to tell new stories set within these worlds with the publication of a series of Superman ’78 and Batman ’89 comic books. Writer Rob Venditti and artist Wilfredo Torres will capture imaginations in Superman ’78 while screenwriter Sam Hamm and artist Joe Quinones will immerse readers into Batman ’89.

Batman 89
* Batman ’89 artwork by Joe Quinones

Continuing the twisted adventures of DC’s Dark Knight from Tim Burton’s seminal classic Batman movies, Batman ’89 brings in screenwriter Sam Hamm (Batman, Batman Returns) and artist Joe Quinones (Dial H for Hero) to pull on a number of threads left dangling by the prolific director. The gothic mentality behind the world, while still rooted in a sense of realism, helped inform many of DC’s global fans’ first impressions on the Dark Knight’s Gotham. In the new Batman ’89 comic, Hamm and Quinones will help usher in the return of Selina Kyle/Catwoman and will debut a new Robin! Plus, Quinones has a vision for Harvey Dent/Two-Face that is as close to movie magic as a comic can get!

Superman 78
* Superman ’78 artwork by Wilfredo Torres

And in the vein of DC’s plans for Batman ’89, Rob Venditti (Hawkman) and Wilfredo Torres (Batman ’66) will collaborate on Superman ’78 to tell stories set within the world Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve created in Superman: The Movie. In Superman ’78, bystanders are surprised and delighted by Superman’s abilities, and Lois Lane doesn’t (yet!) know that Clark Kent is secretly Superman. The sheer thrill of seeing a man fly, leap, or stop a bullet will be reflected in this environment where Superman has just been introduced! Inspired by Donner’s classic, timeless style of superhero storytelling, in Superman ’78 Venditti and Torres will show fans that a man can truly fly.

Superman ’78 and Batman ’89 will debut with six digital chapters of each new series on July 27, followed by new chapters of each comic book for the six weeks that immediately follow. The twelve chapters of each new series will also publish as six printed comics between August and October and as hardcover collections in October (Batman ’89) and November (Superman ’78).

Stay tuned for more news about the Metropolis of Superman ’78 and the Gotham of Batman ’89 in the coming months!

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February 16, 2021 5:21 pm

Sweet!!! 😀
Does this mean that my favorite Superman movie and favorite movie will be made into comic book format?

February 16, 2021 5:27 pm

It’s about damn time someone tackled these movies into comic book serials. Great news. Bring on Billy Dee Williams’ Two-Face and more adventures of Chris Reeve as Superman. And the big question would be: will we see Vicki Vale calling it quits after the events of B89? Will Bruce argue with Alfred after letting her into the Batcave? Will we see more of Jor-El interaction and conversation with Kal-El? So many questions.

February 16, 2021 5:38 pm

I don’t see this going the way they think it’s going to go, most films tend to be fairly self-contained and especially considering the influences comics and other media have taken from both these films over the years, I don’t see anything interesting coming out of them. I mean, especially in Superman’s case, the 1978 film has left a very recognizable mark on the character in most media since then. Their Batman 1966 comic book went some… places that broke the appeal it once had. But whatever, I don’t mind any of this, even if I see it primarily as… Read more »

February 16, 2021 6:44 pm

I love Superman the Movie, but I think I might be more excited to have Venditti writing Superman again. I loved what he was doing in the digital Man of Tomorrow series.

February 17, 2021 3:02 pm

Two comic series set in the Richard Donner Superman and Tim Burton Batman universes is something that I can truly get behind. 🙂

February 19, 2021 1:40 pm

This sounds… very interesting, like printing money. I agree that they should get Gary Frank to do the interiors. (However, it would take a very long time to release.) And Alex Ross should do the covers. He does a great Christopher Reeve Superman:

comment image

comment image

February 20, 2021 12:44 pm

I think this could be a lot of fun it will just depend on how true they can stay to the spirit of the movies considering that each only has roughly 2 movies to really work with for drawing inspiration from.

I remember seeing that Alex Ross piece with the 4 teamed-up was kinda struck by how well they fit together even though their respective movies and shows were years and years apart.

February 20, 2021 10:05 pm
Reply to  MattComics

That is a Justicic league movie I would’ve loved to have seen. Ah what could have been. It’s such a shame it was never made. Reeve’s Superman, Keaton’s Batman, Carter’s Wonder Woman, and Shipp’s Flash all in a Justice League movie togeather. I wish it were real. What a missed opportunity. 🙁

February 21, 2021 9:23 am

It’s sad when we finally get the opportunity to revisit the Reeve universe we don’t get the right artist for the interiors. Gary Frank was the right guy! Only six issues! Why not? Expect Alex Ross to make all 6 covers! Can’t wait!