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  • Superman Unchained #5 (December 31, 2013)
    Scott Snyder, Jim Lee & Dustin Nguyen, Scott Williams
    Our story begins, or continues rather, with a beautifully illustrated flashback to an unspecified year with a young Clark Kent and Lana Lang playing atop a silo. Lana slips and both begin to fall. Clark catches her and they are unexpectedly suspended in midair. This leads into the present with Superman taking Wraith to the Fortress of Solitude. Meanwhile, Lois has been captured by Ascension, who reveal even more about their origin and details on Wraith. It is explained that Wraith gave humanity an equation that in turn allowed us to create all of our current technology. The sum of this equation is referred to as "Earthstone" which will allow Ascension the ability to take control of anything created by the equation. Back at the Fortress, Superman is attempting to track an energy signature that will hopefully lead them directly to Ascension and Lois. Wraith begins to question the technology within the Fortress which eventually leads into a philosophical discussion about Superman's purpose and the inevitable futility of his dual identity. In a twist, Wraith reveals that he presumably tricked Superman into leading him to the Fortress per General Lane's orders, and intends to neutralize Superman and confiscate all weapons and technology. All of these story threads are juxtaposed with the flashback sequence of a man, Mr. Colder, who witnessed Clark hovering on his farm, and how his fear and paranoia causes him to take drastic measures in response. At the end of the story, Batman reveals that Ascension has launched every nuclear missile on Earth.

  • Superman Unchained #6 (March 19, 2014)
    Scott Snyder, Jim Lee & Dustin Nguyen, Scott Williams
    Superman and Wraith are informed by Batman of an Omega Alert. All 919 nuclear missiles around the globe have been launched by Ascension through their Earthstone tech. Immediately, Batman begins to strategize on how to stop as much collateral damage as possible with the resources available. Superman decides to go directly after Ascension despite a brief disagreement with Wraith about making the tough choice of sacrificing the few to save the many. Lois escapes her captors as Superman arrives on the scene. Ascension reveals they plan to blot out the sun with a nuclear winter so both Superman and Wraith will be forced to leave Earth. Superman rescues Lois from a self-destruct mechanism as they take the Earthstone out of the atmosphere in a desperate attempt to disrupt all the missiles. They accomplish their goal and are thereafter congratulated by Wraith, who promptly demands Superman to hand over the Earthstone. Superman refuses and a fight ensues. Superman is overpowered but quickly turns the tables by revealing he has "Synthetic Mineral" that affects Wraith in a manner similar to Kryptonite. Wraith vows revenge and flees. Back at the Fortress, Superman and Lois take a closer look at the stone. Superman is alarmed to discover the signal it is sending out is re-writing itself. Outside the Fortress, the U.S. Government prepares an assault on Superman. In the Epilogue Batman is confronted by Wraith who states he is there to kill him.

  • Superman Unchained #7 (July 2, 2014)
    Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Superman and Lois are barricaded in the Fortress of Solitude as General Sam Lane and the military sit outside demanding Superman hand over the Earthstone. Meanwhile, Wraith, who is upset over the "Synthetic Mineral," has infiltrated the Batcave. Batman uses his stealth suit to face-off against him in a game of cat and mouse. Back at the Fortress, Superman apologizes to Lois for not taking her to a safer place as he refuses to surrender to General Lane. Superman puts Lois in a specially constructed chamber built to withstand the pending assault by the military. At the Batcave, Batman unleashes his arsenal of vehicles upon Wraith in an attempt to slow him down until Wonder Woman's arrival. Superman suits up in extra armor and squares off against General Lane and his men as the Fortress crumbles around them. Superman is overcome, and narrowly saved by Lois, who uses the Earthstone to stop the military's weapons. Superman disables their machines and rushes to Batman and Wonder Woman's rescue. The final page ends on a cliffhanger, with Superman stating, "All right, Wraith. Let's step outside, shall we?".

  • Superman Unchained #8 (September 10, 2014)
    Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Superman and Wraith fight. Superman wins and leaves Wraith to die with a belly full of Synthetic Mineral. Superman, Lois, and General Lane discuss the Earthstone back at what's left of the Fortress of Solitude. The stone is transmitting a signal from the center of the solar system near the sun. General Lane's tanks begin to activate prompting him to blame Superman. Superman claims the stone is resisting him and that it has something inside it. In the distance Superman hears cries for help, eventually finding Jimmy Olsen alone in the snow. Lex Luthor shows up (via hologram) with an evil plot to turn Superman into a living bomb using a syringe of "Solar Fuel". He reveals the bomb is designed to destroy the bigger threat of an armada of ships lurking in space. This will be at Superman's expense of course.

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Here is a listing of the Superman Unchained title from its introduction with issue #1 in 2013 to its conclusion with issue #9 in 2015. This monthly, in-continuity title was launched in late 2013 as an additional Superman book with a limited and planned run.

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