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  • Superman Unchained #9 [Final Issue] (November 5, 2014)
    Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Our story picks up with the conclusion of the flashback sequence involving Mr. Colder confronting Clark's alien heritage. Mr. Colder is blasting away at Clark with a shotgun as Martha begs for him to stop, pleading that, "He's just a boy. Our little boy". When Mr. Colder turns the gun on Martha, Clark lets out a cry so powerful it throws the attacker several yards away into the side of a barn causing his heart to fail. This leads to the present where Luthor explains to Superman how he has made him the only weapon that can possibly destroy the Armada, with a blast equivalent to two hundred megatons. Wonder Woman reveals that Wraith's people have begun using the Earthstone against Earth, neutralizing our defenses at an alarming rate. Superman rejects Batman's plan to call in the Justice League, telling him there is not enough time and that they will be needed on Earth. Superman bids farewell to Lois and takes off towards the Armada. This sequence is highlighted and paralleled by Superman remembering his first act of heroism, flashing back again to Mr. Colder as he attempts to save his life. Superman reaches the Armada which severely weakens him with their weapons and eventually incapacitates him. Just as all seems lost, Wraith shows up to save Superman and becomes Luthor's weapon, sacrificing himself and destroying his own people in the process. Days later, Lois speaks to Clark by phone admitting how much she admires his stance on life and his ability to follow his instincts.

Superman Unchained Comic Book Index


Here is a listing of the Superman Unchained title from its introduction with issue #1 in 2013 to its conclusion with issue #9 in 2015. This monthly, in-continuity title was launched in late 2013 as an additional Superman book with a limited and planned run.

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