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  • Superman Family Adventures #7 (January)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A snowball fight amongst the Tiny Titans at the Fortress of Solitude quickly turns into a Tooth Fairy Party. A mysterious package arrives containing toys and action figures. But they're a trap laid by Toyman. A press of a button turns all of the toys against the kids! Suddenly, Superman arrives with burgers, which are promptly stolen by one of a multitude of flying mini-Supermen. Superman quickly deduces that Toyman is behind the "attack," which moves into a second phase when Toyman unearths a giant toy dinosaur from under the snow near the Fortress. The Super Pets come to the rescue, and Toyman is knocked inside the Fortress itself. He readies his remote control for a final blow but all that happens is the flying toys fall promptly out of the air, leaving the Fortress quiet and Toyman defenseless. Seems he should have bought the extra batteries, after all. The dinosaur is later moved to the Batcave, where the Super Pets and Bat Pets meet for the first time. Three figures of elemental-like appearance - earth, fire and water - watching from a distance and proclaiming that they will find the Super Family on Earth. Meanwhile, at Metropolis Jail, Lex Luthor makes a visit to Toyman and gives him a chunk of Kryptonite, telling him he'll never need batteries again!

  • Superman Family Adventures #8 (February)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    Three elemental aliens are on their way to Earth to find the Kryptonians, who are, at the moment, in the middle of "school" at the Fortress of Solitude, including History and Geography with Superman, Poetry with Jor-El, Phys-Ed with Zod and a "life lesson" from the Unknown Superman from the Future Future. They are then interrupted by a small bug, wearing the "evil colors" green and purple. After Superman tells the kids they can keep it, the bug speaks to them in Kryptonian and flies off. The Family give chase and happen upon the Super Satellite, which they didn't know existed. Inside, they see video footage of the destruction of Krypton and learn that it was caused by Brainiac. The elemental aliens arrive, recount the details of Brainiac developing AI and "going rogue" and advise the Family that Brainiac is now on his way to Earth. They fight and the aliens are eventually defeated when Superman uses a Phantom Zone Projector to send them all to the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile, in the satellite Krypto has discovered additional video footage of him as a puppy being placed in a rocket with baby Kal-El and Jor-El telling Lara about his plan for the two of them to take refuge in the Phantom Zone. Superman uses the Projector to retrieve Lara from the Zone. At first confusing Superboy for Kal-El, she is welcomed back to the Family with wide-open arms. However, Brainiac is indeed on a collision course with the Fortress of Solitude!

  • Superman Family Adventures #9 (March)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    Superman talks to a citizen of the bottled city of Kandor, and promises he'll try visit one day. Meanwhile, Brainiac lands in Metropolis and takes Lex Luthor with him to the Fortress of Solitude. Things are a bit strange at the Daily Planet, but at the sight of Brainiac's ship Superman springs into action. Brainiac blasts him with a ray beam that turns Superman a periwinkle blue and compels him to ballroom dance with Lois. It's a new kind of Kryptonite. At the Fortress, Lara-El revels in her new powers. Brainiac arrives, and Lara isn't pleased with how Jor-El's creation is acting. Superman appears and punches Brainiac's ship to the ground. Brainiac's ray beam hits the little bug, making it grow through the roof of the Fortress. The bug the entire Super Family, but Bizarro shakes them loose. Brainiac requests Luthor's help, but Lex want to be the one to destroy Superman himself, so instead he turns the shrink ray on Brainiac, who is escorted off to Kandor. Lex escapes with the giant Kryptonian bug. Back at the Daily Planet, Lois places a chunk of periwinkle Kryptonite on Clark's desk. Next thing you know, they're dancing the night away...

  • Superman Family Adventures #10 (April)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A Brainiac robot approaches the Super Satellite near Earth and disguises itself as a Western Cowboy. At the Fortress of Solitude, Superman uses the crystal technology to reunite Lara with Jor-El but only for 24 hours. Suddenly Zod frees himself, Ursa, Non and Lor-Zod from the Phantom Zone, and decides to go into the hotdog vending business, selling "Zod Dogs". Superman gives Zod the benefit of the doubt, but Zod uses red Kryptonite food enhancement powder to enlarge some of the Zod Dogs, which proceed to wreak havoc on Metropolis. Superman and Krypto intervene but the giant Zod Dog's Hot Sauce Vision momentarily delays Superman. Jor-El and Lara arrive, a reunion that proves to be a slight distraction for Zod, Non and Jor-El (they all fight) and a total diversion for Ursa and Lara, evidently BFFs back in the Phantom Zone and eager to get caught up. Jor-El's 24 hours come to an end, and he dissipates before Lara's very eyes. Zod turns out to be a coward after all and tries to escape. Krypto fetches him handily. As for the monster Zod Dogs, Superman brings them to the Kents for supper. Back at the Fortress of Solitude, a struggling captured Zod manages to sprinkle his red Kryptonite enlarger powder on the bottled city of Kandor, which promptly crashes in all its full-sized splendor up through the ceiling of the Fortress. Releasing Brainiac, who, Superman tells Zod, will enslave them all...

  • Superman Family Adventures #11 (May)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A meteor with Doomsday attached crashes to Earth. Ma Kent is taking Conner, Kara, Krypto and Streaky to Metropolis. At the Fortress of Solitude, Brainiac has declared Superman, Zod and the entire city of Kandor to be his servants. Lara interrupts, reminding Brainiac that Jor-El would be very disappointed in him. At the Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen is introducing Ma Kent and the kids to Perry White and Lois. Doomsday attacks the city. Conner and Kara go off to confront Doomsday. Ma Kent advises Jimmy to summon the Man of Steel with his signal watch. But Superman is in a fierce battle with Brainiac. Lara summon Jor-El again, but Brainiac has the power of all the colors of Kryptonite. Lara who steps in, but Brainiac detects that she is pregnant, and decides to spare them all, leaving with Kandor, which turns into a new planet called New Krypton Back in Metropolis Ma Kent tells Doomsday to go home. The Brainiac Cowboy Robot appears on a masked horse but Ma Kent saves the day again. Soon Solomon Grundy, Doomsday and the Brainiac Cowboy Robot are moaning together about being reprimanded by Ma Kent. Finally, at Sidekick City Elementary School, Lunch Lady Darkseid answers the cafeteria phone, and hears from Lex Luthor about New Krypton.

  • Superman Family Adventures #12 (June)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A final meteorite is on its way to destroy the Earth. This one's going to be the one. Not even Superman can stop it. Or can he? For inside that very meteorite, that very Superman, along with Steel and some of their pals from the Justice League, are doing everything they can to stop Darkseid, meteorite pilot and all around evil doer, from carrying out his evil designs. It doesn't look good for the good guys, what with Darkseid's Omega Beams following them around and all the Parademons. On Earth, meanwhile, Lex Luthor and Miss Tessmacher are on a boat in the ocean. Lex has a Kryptonian crystal and a hollow Kryptonite tube that he's going to [Superman Returns] and then live happily ever after with Mess Tessmacher and their clone Lex son in their very own Kryptonite Fortress of Domestic Oblivion. Back on the meteorite, the battle rages on. None of the Justice League members can stop Darkseid. Eventually, he uses his Omega Beams to ensnare the League in the meteorite itself and it begins to seem that all is indeed lost. Down on Earth, Jimmy Olsen spots the fiery meteorite and uses his signal watch to call Superman. Hearing the sound, Darkseid mocks the Man of Steel, points out that the humans are starting to panic. But Jor-El, Lara, Supergirl and Superboy - all of them together at the Fortress of Solitude, also hear the watch. Superboy calls Robin, surrounded at Wayne Manor by Beast Boy and multiple super pets, and says they need help. Then he and Supergirl fly off to the meteorite, where they express surprise that their lunch lady - Darkseid - is being a bad guy. Apparently, Darkseid is only evil on the weekend. And then, just as the meteorite is about to reach Metropolis, it is stopped, caught mid-air by the super pets with the assistance of Green Lantern B'dg, who could be mistaken for a pet. Meanwhile, at the Kent Farm, Jor-El and Lara pay a visit. They want to thank the couple who raised their son, though Jonathan Kent seems to be confused about whether they know that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person. That's when the meteorite arrives, set down with a thud in the field. Darkseid realizes it's late and decides not to continue defeating them - and anyway, he's got work tomorrow. Then everyone gathers around, the world is safe again, Superman tells Lois he's Superman, which she says she already knew, Batman tells them to kiss, and they do.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman Family Adventures Vol. 2 reprints Superman Family Adventures #7-12]

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