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  • Superman Family Adventures #1 (July)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A meteor on a collision course with Earth is taken care of by Superman. Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet, Perry White shouts for Clark Kent, praises Lois Lane and demands that Jimmy Olsen to bring him coffee. A troupe of robots are rampaging through Metropolis. Superman and the robots fight and are joined by Superboy, Supergirl and Krypto. The robots are under the control of Lex Luthor, who has outfitted the robots with an absorption ray to transfer Superman's powers to the Luthor Battle Suit. But the plan goes awry when Krypto jumps into the ray when it is fired at Superman, thereby transferring Krypto's powers not only to Luthor but also to Luthor's mouse Fuzzy. Newly empowered and canine enhanced, Luthor confronts the Family directly, but Superman makes short work of him. Using a tree branch, Superman then distracts Luthor with a game of fetch while Superboy and Supergirl retrieve Luthor's powers transfer unit and revert both him and Krypto to their original states. Thanks to Fuzzy's help in capturing Luthor, the Family adopts him and they all fly to the Fortress of Solitude to get Fuzzy his very own super suit.

  • Superman Family Adventures #2 (August)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A cubed meteor is on a collision course with Metropolis. The Chief still wants coffee even though it's Jimmy's day off. The cube crashes near Jimmy, and out pops Bizarro. Meanwhile, at the Fortress of Solitude Supergirl and Superboy are entertaining the Teen Titans. They hear Jimmy's cry for help and Supergirl and Streaky save people from Bizarro's rampage, who knocks Superman all the way to Smallville, when he returns Supergirl has soothed the savage beast with icecream. Supergirl brings Bizarro to the Fortress where he runs amok, but is once again subdued with icecream.

  • Superman Family Adventures #3 (September)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A fiery meteor is on a collision course with Metropolis. Jimmy finally gets some praise from Perry White. Out on the street Jimmy meets up with some friends, one who Jimmy thinks looks a lot like Supergirl. A bully accuses Jimmy of lying about his friendship with Superman, so Jimmy uses his signal watch to prove it. But Beppo arrives instead of Superman, and scares away the bully. Jimmy uses his signal watch again when aliens and mosters attack, but Streaky, Comet, Krypto and Fuzzy turn up to save the day instead of Superman. Superman finally shows up and apologizes to Jimmy for giving him the wrong watch. At the Fortress of Solitude Krypto gives Fuzzy a few lessons on using his superpowers. In Metropolis Lois suspects Clark Kent of being Superman, so he sends a signal to the Fortress, only to have Superboy and Supergirl accidentally send him two Superman robots instead of just one. Clark changes to Superman to set things right, only to have a dozen Clark Kent robots show up... totally confusing Lois altogether.

  • Superman Family Adventures #4 (October)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A fiery meteor is on a collision course with Metropolis. It's a small chunk of red Kryptonite thrown by Bizarro. It lands in Perry White's cup of coffee, but it's Lois' circus monkey friend Titano who drinks the coffee and digests the Kryptonite, which turns him into a giant ape. Superman tries to talk Titano down, but he's grabbed. Beppo flies in and starts talking monkey-chatter to Titano. Titano fires a red Kryptonite eye-beam at Superman, splitting him in two! Negative Superman flies off to do negative stuff, like changing into Clark Kant, irritating Lois Lane. Titano grabs both Clarks, slamming them together, which reunites Superman into one person. Titano passes the red Kryptonite stone and reverts back to his normal size. Lois indicates that she knows Clark is Superman, while on the street Lex Luthor takes the red Kryptonite for himself.

  • Superman Family Adventures #5 (November)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    A fiery purple meteor is on a collision course with Metropolis. It's a pebble-sized piece of purple Kryptonite which Lex Luthor catches and then gives to Otis to throw away as he's looking for red kryptonite. Otis decides to keep it, but the exposure turns him into a parasite of sorts, who absorbs people's energy when he touches them. When he bumps into Clark Kent, he's suddenly super-powerful, leaving Clark feeling very sleepy. Coffee awakens Clark, who jumps into action as Superman to confront this parasite, who once again draws Superman's powers. More coffee has Superman sprightly again, as Parasite comes across Lois Lane and is immediately smitten. Superman challenges Parasite to a race, draining him of his powers. Lex Luthor gets a job at the Daily Planet, but finds the task of getting Perry White his coffee too much of a challenge.

  • Superman Family Adventures #6 (December)
    Art Baltazar and Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    The Superman Family intercepts a rocketship piloted by Captain Jack Corben, who has passed through a Kryptonite asteroid field and is now feeling ill. Superman suggests taking his ship to STAR Labs. Dr. John Henry Irons discovers a connection between an alien technology that has fused with Corben's ship and Lex Luthor's battle suit. Corben is visited in hospital by Luthor, who informs he's got Kryptonite poisoning and that it's Superman's fault. A lead-suited Corben arrives on the scene and calls out Superman. Superman and the Family arrive, and Corben reveals his new ability to subdue them. He also says that he should now be called Metallo. Dr. Irons grabs a nearby hammer and donning Luthor's battle suit races to the rescue. Superman goes to his Fortress and grabs a lead suit and the Supermobile, the retractable arms of which Superman uses to trap Metallo and encase him in a lead box. Dr. Irons (now known as Steel) is welcomed into the Superman Family. Jimmy reports that Solomon Grundy is rampaging through the city. Ma Kent isn't going to take it any longer. Solomon Grundy keeps punching the Family members into her barn as soon as she finishes cleaning. Her solution: Take the bus to Metropolis and drag Grundy by the ear back to the farm to do the cleaning himself!

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman Family Adventures - Vol. 1 reprints issues #1-6]

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