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  • Superman Confidential #9 (January)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Chris Batista, Prentis Rollins & Cam Smith
    Orion and Superman do battle, before Superman is dragged to New Genesis where he escapes from Orion and tries to figure our where he is and why. Discovering the New Genesis is readying for war, Superman discovers Apokoplis nearby and is finally brought before High Father who tells him of the uneasy existance between New Genesis and Apokolips and the looming war. Unwilling to take sides in the war, Superman requests to be transported back to Earth.

  • Superman Confidential #10 (February)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Chris Batista & Andy Smith & Mike Norton, Prentis Rollins & Cam Smith & Mike Norton
    As Mantis and his horde of Parademons battle the Forever People, Superman saves Lois and Jimmy and calls a halt to the fight. Mantis won't stand down, attacks Superman, but is defeated soundly. Darkseid arrives in person and Superman confronts him directly. Standing up to Darkseid's Omega Beams, Superman inspires the Forever People to combine their powers and form Infinity-Man, who comes to Superman's aid. Darkseid agrees to retreat... for now.

  • Superman Confidential #11 (March)
    Darwyn Cooke, Tim Sale, Tim Sale
    The alien within the Kryptonite meteor (going by the name Bridgewater) recounts to Superman how it was caught within the meteor alongside baby Kal-El's rocketship as the planet exploded, how it came into Gallo's possession and how it finally took over his mind. Meanwhile, Free of Bridgewater's control, Gallo kills himself. With Superman's body dying, Lex Luthor attempts to take control of the situation, but Jimmy thwarts his plans. Back in his body, Superman flies the Kryptonite meteor to the sun, freeing Bridgewater from his imprisonment.

Signal to Noise (3 Parts)

  • Superman Confidential #12 (April)
    Darwyn Cooke, Phil Hester, Ande Parks
    Superman saves Jimmy who is on board a smuggler's boat, warning him next time to stay safe. Winslow Schott is fired from his toy making position and vows revenge. Flying over Metropolis that night, Superman once again saves Jimmy, this time from angry wrestlers. Superman gives Jimmy a signal watch to call him next time there's trouble. The next day giant toys start shooting up Metropolis... This looks like a job for Superman!

  • Superman Confidential #13 (May)
    B. Clay Moore, Phil Hester, Ande Parks
    Superman destroys Toyman's giant toys, and tracks down the camera filming it all... before it self-destructs. Upset that Perry won't take him seriously, Jimmy runs out to get the story on his own, but only manages to frustrate Superman when he uses his signal watch for a minor incident. Jimmy uses his initiative and traces the giant toys to Winslow Schott, who captures Jimmy and prepares to cut off the signal watch from his wrist using a circular saw.

  • Superman Confidential #14 (June)
    B. Clay Moore, Phil Hester, Ande Parks
    With Jimmy still missing, Clark thinks nothing of it, taking Lois out to lunch. Winslow Schott has taken Jimmy's signal watch and begins using its technology to signal Superman using strategically placed explosive toys in dangerous locations. Unable to be everywhere at once, Superman uses his brain and super hearing to track back the signal's origin to Schott's lab, where he grabs the "Toyman" and frees Jimmy.

“Superman Confidential” Comics Index


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