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  • Superman Confidential #1 (January)
    Darwyn Cooke, Tim Sale, Tim Sale
    A kryptonite meteor flies alongside baby Kal-El's rocketship towards Earth. The meteor lands near some nomads, who drag it through the snow to a temple high in the mountains. Years later the Royal Flush Gang attack Metropolis, but Superman shows up to thwart their plans. Atop the Eifel Tower, Superman and Lois share a candle-lit dinner. Back in the Daily Planet, Perry assigns a new story to Lois, Jimmy and Clark. He wants them to investigate the new casino being run by Anthony Gallo. Lois calls to interview him... he agrees.

  • Superman Confidential #2 (February)
    Darwyn Cooke, Tim Sale, Tim Sale
    The Kryptonite meteor ends up on display in Gallo's casino. Superman is in a life and death situation with a volcano. While the Man of Steel fights mother nature to save villagers from fiery doom, he's missing out on a date with Lois Lane. She goes out with Anthony Gallo instead much to Superman's dismay.

  • Superman Confidential #3 (March)
    Darwyn Cooke, Tim Sale, Tim Sale
    We discover Gallo's violent history, as Superman confronts Lois about being out all night with the casino owner. Lois ends their relationship, saying Superman belongs to the world. King, from the Royal Flush Gang reports to Luthor, showing him how Superman cares for all people. Near the Fortress, Superman sits with a Polar Bear as he vocalizes his dilemma being Clark and Superman. At the Shuster Memorial Hospital, Luthor's donation of a new x-ray system is out-matched by Superman's arrival, carrying a huge "Metropolis Fun Day" cake for all, announcing that Gallo's casino will be donating a $42 million to the hospital, requesting that Superman come personally to pick up the check. Hearing an explosion downtown, Superman flies off, but looks hurt or scared as he gets closer to the scene. Elsewhere Gallo walks naked in to a green glowing room.

  • Superman Confidential #4 (April)
    Darwyn Cooke, Tim Sale, Tim Sale
    Goons at a robbery start beating on a weakened Superman, but as Gallo closes off the Kryptonite radiation Superman begins to regain his strength. Witnessing the whole thing via a video feed, Luthor finds the whole scene quite interesting. Jimmy helps Superman, while Lois is invited by Lex Luthor to witness the video. Jimmy and Superman arrive at Clark's appartment. Clark opens the door to let them in...

  • Superman Confidential #5 (June)
    Darwyn Cooke, Tim Sale, Tim Sale
    Luthor works out that Superman's weakness coincided with the green glow eminating from the Casino building. Superman rests as his Clark Kent robot sees Jimmy out of his apartment. Superman flies to Smallville and confides in his parents regarding the weakness he felt. Gallo, Lois and Jimmy let Superman in on a secret. Gallo has actually been taken over by an entity that resides within the large Kryptonite meteor. The entity wants to show Superman his home on Krypton, but to do so he must be exposed to the Kryptonite. Lois and Jimmy promise to keep them safe, but Luthor arrives with other plans...

  • Superman Confidential #6 (November)
    Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, Koi Turnbull, Sandra Hope
    Metropolis is taken underwater and Superman is under the mind control of Lori Lemaris, who has turned everyone in Metropolis into Mer-people. Lois and Jimmy escape prison, and are met by Lex Luthor who confronts Superman, snapping Lois' neck in front of him to clear Superman's mind.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Kryptonite reprints issues #1-6]

  • Superman Confidential #7 (Early December)
    Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, Koi Turnbull, Sandra Hope
    Superman reacts angrily to Lex killing Lois, but it was only a robot, and Lex pulls out a piece of Kryptonite to hopefully shake Superman loose of his mind control, while the real Lois grabs the magical medallion of Lori Lemaris. Freed of the magic's mind control Superman tries to set Metropolis right, while Lori uses the medallion to fix what she'd done to the people and the city. Superman tosses the medalion into deep space, and later has a chat with Lori about what she'd done and her hidden feelings for him.

  • Superman Confidential #8 (Late December)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Chris Batista, Cam Smith
    Defeating Victor Volcanum, Superman is the subject of a Morgan Edge rant about the dangers Superman represents to Metropolis. Lois disagrees and Perry instructs her and Clark to write counter-point articles on the topic. On a tip from Jimmy, Superman flies off and comes across a group of New Gods who are trying to save Beautiful Dreamer from the clutches of Darkseid. Having never seen any of them before, Superman flies along through their Boom Tube and saves Dreamer from Darkseid, before being confronted by Orion.

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