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Lois Lane #1 (of 12)
Cover date: September 2019
"Enemy of the People" - Part One
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
In a hotel room, Lois Lane works on finishing a story before sending it to Perry White. The gruff editor calls Lane and warns her that if he publishes the story she's just written, people will come after her. Never one to back down, Lois insists the Daily Planet run the story with her name in the byline. Perry then informs her that Mariska Voronova, a Russian reporter publicly critical of the Kremlin, has been found dead, seemingly by suicide. Lane ends the phone call and sends an instant message to someone, requesting a rendezvous. Later in a parking garage, the intrepid reporter meets up with The Question, tasking him with going to Moscow to find Mariska's hidden backup sources. Lane has a feeling Mariska was murdered. Returning to her hotel room, Lois enters to see steam from the shower. She enters the shower and finds Clark who had been waiting for her. The next morning, the two go out for breakfast when a stranger makes a rude comment towards Lois. The couple discuss the Superman/Lois photo and how in an age of infinite cameras, it was inevitable. Clark expresses his displeasure in the public's scrutiny of Lois without even once taking shots at Superman. Lois calms him and they carry on with their morning. In Russia, The Question begins his quest. Later that day, Lois attends a government press conference. Commandeering the event, Lane asks White House spokesperson Lee-Anne McCarthy about the administration profiting from refugee camps and the destruction of families. Refusing to answer the question, McCarthy has Lane escorted out and stripped of her credentials. Following her removal, several reporters followed Lane's line of questioning, leading McCarthy to prematurely end the briefing.

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Lois Lane #2 (of 12)
Cover date: October 2019
"Enemy of the People" - Part Two
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
The Lois/Superman scandal is everywhere. Unfazed, Lois continues her work. In Moscow, The Question poses as a drunkard to get into the apartment of recently murdered Russian reporter Mariska Voronova. After knocking out the guard, he finds Mariska's room in ruin. In a burger restaurant, Lane meets up with Rene Montoya of the Gotham police department. Montoya confirms that Voronova was absolutely murdered. Lane then shows Montoya a list of potentially involved people. Later, Lois confronts a man named Mr. Agger about his fraudulent activity. Potentially involved in Voronova's murder, she presses for an interview. That evening, Lois calls Perry at the Daily Planet. The White House isn't taking too kindly to Lois' latest works, even going so far as to refuse credentials to Robinson Goode for a briefing. Perry expresses his concern for Lois as she's making a lot of powerful people very angry. Later that night, Lois and Montoya meet up at the restaurant where Lane is to meet up with Agger. Montoya enters shortly after Lane to reduce suspicion. Across the room, Rene spots a man with a gun. Rene races to the rescue. Shots are fired before she disarms the man and saves Lois. With the gunman subdued, the two find Agger dead, leaving Lois to wonder who the real target was.

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Lois Lane #3 (of 12)
Cover date: November 2019
"Enemy of the People" - Part Three
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Lois Lane is being questioned by the police regarding the death of Mr. Agger. Faster than the eye can see, Superman searches the bar for clues before hovering outside of the building. As Lois and René Montoya head back to their hotel, Lois begins to reprimand Clark. Superman arrives and requests a private conversation with Lois. Montoya leaves for the hotel as the couple go for a flight. Back at the hotel, Montoya is followed by The Question. The two engage in a fight in a restricted area before they reach a draw and reveal their identities to each other. Montoya is surprised to find her old mentor Vic Sage is alive and well. Atop a building, Lois and Clark have a serious discussion. Lane calls her husband out for making his presence known. While he saw his presence as a statement of protection, his appearance only added fuel to the scandal fire. Clark admits to his mistake and Lois declares that she's going to get to the bottom of this crazy story. Before dropping her off, Superman tells his wife that he's got something to take care of in Metropolis, but he'll make it quick. Back at the hotel, Lois gets undressed and prepares to take a shower with Clark. To her surprise, she pulls back the curtain to find her son.

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Lois Lane #4 (of 12)
Cover date: December 2019
"Enemy of the People" - Part Four
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
After recovering from the awkward situation at the end of the previous issue, Jon and Lois go out for some pizza. As the two talk, Jon brings up the new team he's been invited to join. At another diner, Renee and Charlie catch up. Understandably, Renee has questions as to how Charlie is alive again. In the UK, a police officer comes to check up on a woman. The woman is deranged, reciting chess moves. As the officer tries to enter her room, she draws a gun. As the officer attempts to talk her down from using the gun, she points the weapon at her head and pulls the trigger. As she hits the ground, she falls into a drawn circle with the word "Leviathan" inside it. Back in Metropolis, Lois and Jon continue their conversation about Jon joining the Legion of Super-Heroes. Lois expresses her approval and the two hug. Back at the diner, Renee and Charlie swap stories. Renee reveals she turned in her badge to help Lois, who is paying her $500 a day. Renee gets a text to meet Lois at Grant Park. The two arrive at the park. Before he leaves, Charlie exchanges greetings with Lois. Once they're alone, Renee confronts Lois about withholding the information that Charlie was alive. Feeling there's more Lois isn't revealing, she pressures the reporter into divulging a secret only two other people in the universe know.

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