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Lois Lane #5 (of 12)
Cover date: January 2020
"Enemy of the People" - Part Five
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
On a plane to D.C., Lois has a discussion with a fellow passenger who calls into question the legitimacy and honesty of journalists. After landing, Lois calls Renee who is on the other end of the city chasing a lead. This lead happens to be an under-the-table exchange of money between shady individuals and an important politician. Appearing in her Question identity, she makes quick work of the criminals and prepares for the interrogation process. Near the capitol, Lois and a woman named Lydia take a walk in a public area. Lois explains to Lydia how to best go on record without making herself a target. After some deliberation, Lydia decides to give Lois information about a memo that was circulating in The White House which essentially confirmed what she had suspected. At The Daily Planet, Perry gets a call from Lois who fills him in on the existence of the memo. It's now her job to get hold of it. Elsewhere, Renee finishes counting the money that was exchanged. The politician now hangs upside down and the interrogation begins.

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Lois Lane #6 (of 12)
Cover date: February 2020
"Enemy of the People" - Part Six
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Following the events of Event Leviathan, the Sam Lane's funeral is held. As the funeral proceeds, flashbacks to several points highlight the difficult and complicated relationship between Lois and her father. These flashbacks include her teenage years, the celebration of her first Pulitzer, a period in Jon's infancy, and after she revealed Clark's secret to him. The funeral ends and some time later at a bar, Lois is confronted by her sister Lucy. During the funeral, Lois was unable to accept the United States flag presented to her as a token of appreciation of her father's service. Lucy accuses Lois of making the funeral all about her and storms off. Lois is comforted by Clark and laments that her father almost saw the good in Superman.

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Lois Lane #7 (of 12)
Cover date: March 2020
"Enemy of the People" - Part Seven
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
At the Royal Wolverhampton in the UK, a nun comes to visit Jessica Midnight. Midnight believes the nun has come to kill her and is really Leviathan. In Chicago, a photographer waits on a rooftop before he spots what he's been waiting for: Superman and Lois Lane to kiss. Renee Montoya in her Question attire stops the photographer and sends him packing. Superman greets The Question before taking off. The next day, Lois and Clark take a stroll before Lois returns to her hotel. Waiting in the lobby is Renee who follows Lane. Lois is curious as to why Renee was on a rooftop last night. As they exit the elevator, Renee offers the intrepid reporter evidence that someone put a hit out on her. The two enter Lois' room where they find a housekeeper has cleaned the room against Lois' wishes. The housekeeper claims she doesn't know the housekeeper that's been servicing Lois' suite for months. The new housekeeper leaves before Lois and Renee listen to the evidence. On the recording, it's revealed that Lawrence Shaw put a hit out on Lois. The tape ends, but Lois is unwilling to accept it as evidence because Renee had used forceful interrogation tactics to get answers. Elsewhere, monitors show audio and video of the suite are being recorded. The "new housekeeper" pulls off a mask to reveal a skull before detonating some explosives in Lois' suite.

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Lois Lane #8 (of 12)
Cover date: April 2020
"Enemy of the People" - Part Eight
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Lois and Renee have survived the explosion. A new villain named The Kiss of Death stands over a battered Lois. Renee and The Kiss engage in hand-to-hand combat while Lois recovers enough to shoot the would-be assassin in the arm. Then, without a trace, the criminal vanishes. Sometime later, a swarm of police officers arrive at Lois' hotel in hopes of catching a glimpse of Superman. In a private room, Lois tells Superman that she and Renee can find the perpetrator without his help. Superman takes a moment to visit the officers. After the initial police investigation, the owner of the hotel drops by to inform Lois that they'll move her to a new room. During this conversation, the owner also reveals that Alejandra Ortiz never showed up for work that day. This leads Lois and Renee to investigate Ortiz's neighborhood for clues. Unfortunately for them, there's no sign of the housekeeper. Renee comes to the conclusion that The Kiss arranged for Ortiz's place to get raided in order to execute her plan. At the Royal Wolverhampton, Sister Clarice is instructed to leave Jessica Midnight's chamber as visiting hours are over. It isn't until later that one of the guards notice that Jessica stole the nun's clothes and walked right out the door, leaving the real Sister Clarice in the cell. Having made her way to the airport, Jessica Midnight prepares to board a plane heading for Chicago.

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Lois Lane #9 (of 12)
Cover date: May 2020
"Enemy of the People" - Part Nine
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
On a rooftop, Renee lights the Bat Signal. Arriving on the scene, Batman is given a note written by Lois requesting information on The Kiss of Death. Meanwhile at an airport, Sister Clarice wakes a sleeping Jessica Midnight. It turns out that Sister Clarice was in on Jessica's escape plan. Fortunately, the hospital believes Jessica to be on a train to Europe. It doesn't take long for Batman to return with a file on The Kiss of Death. Renee reads its contents and discovers this assassin may have occult ties. Elsewhere, Lois makes a visit to the Department of Homeland Security where she asks a woman named Mrs. Antigua for information regarding the unfair capture of the housekeeper Alejandra. Outside of a holding facility, people protest ICE. Lois and Renee regroup and swap information as they head inside. After passing a security inspection, Lois is taken to Alejandra. She's been separated from her husband and children. Lois storms out of the building, furious that someone came after innocent people in an attempt to get to her. The two split up again with Renee going to Chicago. Meanwhile at a hair salon, Jessica receives a haircut. At Lois' hotel, Renee rearranges the furniture in the suite, much to the displeasure of Mr. Slayton. Shortly after the hotel manager's departure, there's a knock at the door. Renee asks the visitor for the password and upon hearing it, opens the door. Jessica and Sister Clarice enter as Renee explains their need for Jessica's witch powers.

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Lois Lane #10 (of 12)
Cover date: July 2020
"Enemy of the People" - Part Ten
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
In a hotel room, Renee explains what she knows about the situation to Jessica Midnight. A brief explanation of the multiverse is given by Renee and she suggests that Lois might be a Lois from a different universe. Perhaps Renee, Jessica, and Sister Clarice are from a different universe, as well. In any case, Jessica is needed to stop The Kiss. In a motel room, Lois hides away, keeping her location a secret. Superman drops by and the two talk about Lois' emotional and mental state. Later that night, Lois orders a pizza and charges the pie to her credit card. Some time passes and The Kiss arrives to kill Lois. Unbeknown to The Kiss, Lois purposefully used her credit card to draw her would-be assassin into a trap. At the hotel, Jessica's set up a sorcery circle and prepares to pluck The Kiss away from Lois' motel room. Realizing she's forgotten to take into account conservation of mass. Sister Clarice offers to be sent, and just before The Kiss pulls the trigger on Lois, she's transported to Jessica's hotel room. As she arrives, she pulls the trigger, landing a direct hit to Renee's stomach.

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Lois Lane #11 (of 12)
Cover date: August 2020
"Enemy of the People" - Part Eleven
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
The Kiss of Death towers over a bleeding Renee Montoya. Before The Kiss can end Renee's life, Jessica Midnight attacks from behind. In her motel room, Lois figures that Renee's been shot as her calls go unanswered. In a last ditch effort, Lois sends texts instructing Renee to put on her Question mask. The mask is activated, which sparks memories for The Kiss. She and Renee share a history. Realizing what she's done, The Kiss begs Midnight to help save Montoya's life. Fortunately, Jessica has the power to help, but it requires a sacrifice. She borrows a knife from The Kiss and prepares to stab her hand as part of a ritual. Before the blade makes contact with Midnight's hand, The Kiss places her hand in the way, sacrificing herself for Montoya. Some time passes and Renee awakens. Lois manages to make contact with Jessica and is relieved to hear that Montoya is alive. Several hours later, Lois and Sister Clarice regroup with Jessica and Renee. It turns out that when The Kiss was stabbed by the blade during the ritual to save Montoya, it broke a spell that had been placed on her. The Kiss of Death is no longer a threat as Elicia Sanchez is now free. Sanchez had been cursed by the Religion of Crime for having a romantic relationship with Renee. Apparently, Lois knew the whole time, which was why she sent Renee to get the file from Batman after she picked up on some attraction between the two when Sanchez showed up as a maid. With all of that cleared up, the women settle in to connect the dots of the bigger issue.

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Lois Lane #12 (of 12)
Cover date: September 2020
"Enemy of the People" - Part Twelve
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
The news networks are running non-stop coverage of the first few parts of Lois' exposé. Typing furiously, Lois works to complete the last few installments. Her phone begins to ring, which goes unnoticed until Jessica Midnight answers the call. On the other end is Renee, who is currently in Chechnya with Elicia, pinned down by enemy fire. The two were sent there to retrieve information vital to Lois' work, but things went sideways. Renee runs off as Elicia provides cover fire. She returns in an enormous vehicle, allowing the two to make an escape. Once they're out of harm's way, they share a kiss. At the Daily Planet, the bullpen is a cacophony of voices as the staff work to handle the fallout from Lois' exposé. As she emerges from the elevator, the room falls silent. Lois makes her way to Perry's office and hands him a physical copy of the next installment. White promptly begins to read the piece. Lois informs him that the fifth and final segment should be finished by Wednesday. If it all checks out, they should be set to print by the following Sunday. Clark and Lois leave the office and go for a quick flight. When Lois is dropped off, she finds Renee waiting for her in the hotel room. The two discuss the necessity of truth and how sometimes, the truth isn't always easy to deal with. With the story fully out, it's business as usual in the political world as politicians and governments vehemently deny the accusations, pushing their spin to save face and avoid accountability. Larry Shaw surrendered himself to police and faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder, murder in the first degree, and attempted murder. Lois and Sister Clarice prepare to appear in an interview for national television. During the interview, they reveal the existence of parallel universes and fractured realities. Sister Clarice then brings up The Unity Project, which is designed to assist people affected by fractured identities and help them mentally heal. Elsewhere and presumably later, Alejandra - the hotel housekeeper wrongfully imprisoned by ICE - is released from custody. Lois, Superman, Renee, and Elicia look on with delight as Alejandra is reunited with her family.

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