Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman – The Mysterious Envelope

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Envelope

Clark Kent sat at his desk in the bustling newsroom of the Daily Planet. The city of Metropolis hummed with life outside the windows, but his attention was focused on the stack of papers before him. Just as he was about to dive into the latest reports, a peculiar sight caught his eye.

A plain, unmarked envelope lay amidst the organized chaos of his desk. Its white surface seemed almost out of place amidst the sea of news clippings and photographs. Frowning in curiosity, he picked it up. The envelope felt slightly heavier than it should have, and there was a strange energy about it.


Clark’s journalistic instincts kicked in. He glanced around, wondering if someone had left it for him. Perhaps it was an anonymous tip or a lead on a story. He tore open the envelope, revealing a single sheet of paper with a message scrawled in elegant handwriting:

“Embrace the unknown, Clark. Follow the path to discover the truth. Your choices will shape your destiny. The journey begins now.”

Perplexed, Clark looked around once more, his super senses on alert, but there was no sign of anyone watching him. The message seemed both cryptic and personal, as if someone knew more about him than they should. His curiosity mingled with a sense of apprehension.

As a reporter, he was used to digging for answers, but this was different. The words seemed to resonate with a deeper part of him, one that longed for adventure beyond the ordinary tasks of his daily life. With a determined expression, he studied the paper again, his mind racing with questions.

What should Clark do?

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Disclaimer: This story is completely fan fiction, we do not own any of the Superman characters or original stories, only the plot of this fanfic. Superman characters and original storyline belong to DC Comics.

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August 23, 2023 8:27 pm

I love this. This is great.

August 23, 2023 9:14 pm

This is terrific! Can’t wait to see where the story goes!!

Thank you so much!!