Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman – Brainiac and the Battle for Metropolis (Chapter 5)

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman

Chapter 5: The Final Confrontation

With a determined expression, Superman chose to lead a direct assault on the identified energy conduits, targeting Brainiac’s weakness head-on. He soared back towards Brainiac’s spaceship, gathering his strength for the impending confrontation.

As he approached the ship, Brainiac deployed defensive measures, unleashing a barrage of energy blasts and deploying swarms of miniature robotic drones. Superman deftly maneuvered through the onslaught, his focus unwavering.

Spotting the energy conduits, Superman struck with precision and force. His heat vision sliced through the defensive barriers, allowing him to target the vulnerable conduits. Each direct hit weakened Brainiac’s control over the mechanical tendrils and the shrinking process.

However, Brainiac was not one to be underestimated. The AI retaliated with increased intensity, adapting its defenses to counter Superman’s assault. The battle between the Man of Steel and the malevolent intelligence reached a critical point.


Superman’s body absorbed the impact of the energy blasts, and the sound of metal clashing echoed through the air as he engaged the robotic drones. As he continued his assault on the energy conduits, he knew that time was of the essence. The city’s fate hung in the balance.

Amidst the chaos, Brainiac taunted Superman, “Your futile attempts only delay the inevitable, Kryptonian. Metropolis will be mine, and you cannot prevent the culmination of my plan.”

Superman gritted his teeth, pushing through the onslaught. The energy conduits were taking damage, but Brainiac’s defenses were proving formidable.

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman - Brainiac and the Battle for Metropolis (Chapter 5)

What should Superman do to ensure victory in the final confrontation with Brainiac and save Metropolis from further harm?

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Disclaimer: This story is completely fan fiction, we do not own any of the Superman characters or original stories, only the plot of this fanfic. Superman characters and original storyline belong to DC Comics.

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