Tom Taylor Talks About “Injustice: Year Zero”

Injustice: Year Zero

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writer Tom Taylor talks about the 14-chapter “Injustice: Year Zero” prequel comic book series, and why there was a need to tell a prequel story.

Why return with a prequel—and with this particular prequel, especially? You’re building out the mythology and backstory of the Injustice world in a very unexpected way with this series.

A couple of reasons.

One, this was the part of the story that always felt like it had the biggest hole. There were two Injustice questions that have been hanging over me for years. Why did Joker target Superman? And where did the Justice Society go? We actually sowed the seeds of this in the Injustice 2 comics, when both Doctor Midnite and Wildcat hinted at a traumatic past in our universe.

Two, while I was keen to return to this universe, I really didn’t feel like this was the right time for stories of a dictator Superman. My favorite comics are an escape from the real world, and the real world has more than enough power-hungry men stomping their will on the people. I wanted to write something where my heroes were truly heroic. The only way to do so in the Injustice universe, was to check in before Superman’s fall and before Batman and Superman’s friendship was broken.

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