Superman & Lois – Ampersand & Sons Podcast (Episode 18)

Ampersand & Sons Podcast

The “Superman & Lois” – Ampersand & Sons Podcast (hosted by Neal Bailey and Julian Finn) is a regular podcast covering each episode of the “Superman & Lois” TV series airing on The CW.

In this, the most technically challenged episode of Ampersand yet, the gentlemen discuss the final episode of this season, a few other assorted pop culture phenomena, and explain just exactly how Leslie Larr got into the unfortunate position she’s in.

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August 21, 2021 2:30 am

Neal, I suspect you likely won’t have the time or interest in doing this but on the off chance you would be I’ve curated a list of ten old He-Man episodes I think are worth watching that are available on YouTube. Five are from the original ’83 cartoon and the other five are from the 2002 reboot. I know that said you’ve watched the ’83 cartoon in the past but I wasn’t sure how recently you’ve watched any of the episodes. For that matter I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the 2002 series. For the ’83 cartoon I… Read more »

August 22, 2021 6:49 pm

I actually prefer listening to this podcast to reading your reviews Neal. So perhaps you could keep the podcast discussions of Superman & Lois going but stop doing the reviews.

Or maybe you don’t feel doing either is worth your time if you’re not that invested in the series any more.

August 22, 2021 7:04 pm

I have a few requests/suggestions for future Ampersand & Sons podcasts. 1) I would really like a Superman & Lois season 1 retrospective podcast looking back over the season as a whole. Ideally I’d like it if you could have some guests on such as Michael and Steve. I don’t know if scheduling or technical difficulties are an issue with that or not. 2) I would like you guys to do an in depth podcast about season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy. Ideally after you’ve read the comic book series it was based on so that you could talk about whether… Read more »