“Supergirl” Season 5 to Tackle Impact of Technology on Society

The newest issue of Entertainment Weekly not only features a Supergirl on one of the available covers, but it also includes a photoshoot and interview with Melissa Benoist and the showrunners of “Supergirl”.

Discussing their plans for Season 5, executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller told EW.com, “It’s our Black Mirror season. What we’re looking at is how technology is impacting the way people engage and giving them an escape not to engage. It seems like nowadays, everyone is kind of on their phones or not really present, and so we wanted to speak to that and kind of how it might be hard to live in the ugliness of what’s going on, and how a character like Kara can try and help us overcome that. It speaks to a lot of the stuff the characters will be going through.”

“Lena throws herself into a type of work that is going to increase people relying on tech rather than relying on humans who can hurt you,” says Queller. “The way Lena found out about this lie definitely colors how things are going to unfold between [Kara and Lena].”

“This season’s going to be a fight for Lena’s soul,” says Benoist, who was surprised and heartbroken by how Lena found out Kara’s secret. “I was devastated that it was Lex Luthor that told her. That was such a shot in the heart to Lena, a character that my character loves so dearly. It was painful.”

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The 5th season of “Supergirl” will premiere on Sunday, October 6 at 9.00pm.