Superboy’s Destiny Revealed in “Titans” Series Finale


The series finale of “Titans” aired on Thursday night on HBO Max, with the Man of Steel making a brief appearance.

Two boots, that is what we see of Superman.

With the series finale, all of the Titans have a new direction moving forward. Beast Boy has to explore the Red, Raven is going to college in Blüdhaven, and Tim is going to train in Metropolis and be Robin in Gotham.

As for Conner, he is going to Metropolis to learn more about his powers from Superman. He is not sure who he is more like Lex or Clark. Up on the roof at a Titans victory dinner, Dick finds Conner drinking a glass of Lagavulin embracing his Lex side. Dick talks Conner down asking him to look inside to find the real him and his true intentions, good or bad.

With the rest of the team deciding to move on from the Titans, Dick and Kory decide they are moving on, together. The show ends with Conner finally flying… with some help from Superman.