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Superman Saves Hostess "Twinkies" Cakes

By Steve Younis

Starting in 1977 Hostess Cakes began a series of comic advertisements using both DC and Marvel superheroes and other popular cartoon characters to promote their "Twinkies".

Here below are 10 Superman themed comic strip advertisements for Hostess "Twinkies" Cakes from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Twinkies Twinkies Twinkies Twinkies
The Unbeatable Power Saves The Earth Saves The Weather Satellites! The Big Fall
Twinkies Twinkies Twinkies
The Spy Gold Mine Rescue Meets The Orbitrons!
Twinkies Twinkies Twinkies
The Rescue The Laughing Gas Bandits The Ionic Storm

You can see a collection of other similar Hostess "Twinkies" Cakes advertisements at The Bronze Age of Blogs.

Thanks to Adam Dechanel for finding these ads.