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Did You Know?

You Can Purchase Your Own Superman Phonebooth

American company G-TEL Enterprises, Inc. (Payphone.com), headquartered in Houston, TX provides pay phones to business owners, vending companies, telephone companies, catalog companies, and entrepreneurs throughout the United States.

Amongst their huge catalogue of Pay Phones you'll find 2 Superman Phonebooths:

Indoor Phonebooth Indoor Wooden Superman Booth

  • Works with Bell Style Payphones
  • Offers high security while attracting customers.
  • Colors: red - light blue - dark blue - black - yellow.
  • Height: 89", Width: 35", Depth: 35 1/2", Weight: 450 lbs.

Indoor Phonebooth Outdoor Metal Superman Booth
  • Works with all Bell Style Payphones
  • Familiar Appearance Attracts Customers.
  • Protects User & Payphone Against Weather Elements.
  • Free Light Kit is Included.
  • Color Choices:red - blue - black - yellow
  • Size: 33.5" x 33.5" x 84"
  • Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Comes with sliding door.