New “DC Universe Online” Video Game Episode – Legion of Doom

Legion of Doom

Dimensional Ink Games has announced the availability of a new event and new episode involving the Legion of Doom for the “DC Universe Online” massive multiplayer online game.

Led by Lex Luthor, the Legion of Doom is resurgent, threatening Washington D.C., the world, and the Multiverse. In service to Perpetua, there has perhaps never been a greater threat.

But you have been training – heroes and villains – in The Monitor’s House of Legends, and now is your time. Stand before this terror, together, or fade into the aether of non-existence forever.

Legion of Doom features new daily and weekly Open World missions, with normal and elite versions of a Duo, Alert, and Raid.

For a limited time, special event versions of all content in Legion of Doom will be available to all players level 15+ as well! Look for these Event versions in the On Duty menu.

Episode 42: LEGION OF DOOM is out now! Battle Perpetua’s forces of darkness in this FREE new event and episode.