“DC Heroes & Villains” Video Game Update and Superboy Spotlight

Fans of “DC Heroes & Villains,” the Puzzle RPG super hero game from Jam City and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, will be happy to learn that a new update has arrived, bringing new challenges and characters in the upcoming Battle Pass Season: Undeniable Influence.

A new update is just around the corner. Learn about the upcoming Battle Pass season, Undeniable Influence, which introduces a few new collectible characters. The game is also introducing a new way to deliver a powerful attack to your opponents through Group Bonuses. Character balancing, improved in-game features, bug fixes, and more!

Visit DCHeroesAndVillains.com for all the details!

DC Heroes & Villains – Spotlight on Superboy

Unleash raw power and untamed fury with Superboy! Use his signature move, Uncontrolled Heat Vision, to strike foes with a relentless barrage of three hits, leaving chaos in its wake and inflict Block Down debuff, restricting your enemies’ defenses for three turns!

His Hidden Potential passive ability grants Superboy a chance to convert a non-Blue Tile into a Blue Special Tile at the end of each turn!

DC Heroes & Villains
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