Mild Mannered Reviews – Titans: Beast World #3

Titans: Beast World #3

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Titans: Beast World #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 2, 2024
Cover date: March 2024

“Titans: Beast World – Part 3”

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Lucas Meyer
Cover: Ivan Reis
Variant Covers: Clayton Henry, Mirka Andolfo, Bjorn Barends

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

Starfire and Donna are fighting Black Adam and are quickly being overrun by the mini Garros. Oracle tells them to pull back, but instead Starfire unleashes a massive starburst that vaporizes every Garro around. Flash and Impulse then show up to help clear out civilians from Kahndaq, and Raven asks Donna to confront Garro in space. Meanwhile Dr. Clancy, Nightwing, and Oracle are at Titans Tower analyzing Batman. Dr. Clancy reveals she knows who Dick is while trying to convince him to let her check out his mauling injuries. During the conversation she confuses Bobo for one of the Beast People to which he astutely points out that unlike the other Beast People he is speaking and wears a hat. He then tells the trio that he has found a method to the seeming madness of the invasion. The invasion is trying to find the most powerful people on earth, as well as take out the infrastructure.

The scene then shifts to a airliner coming down over Metropolis due to an attack from a flock of Bird People. The airliner is rescued by Power Girl who is in turn infected by the mini Garro, turning into a flaming Bird Person. She quickly rips through the plane and begins to wreak devastation until Jon shows up. Jon powers up to Blue Superman and takes Power Girl out of the area.

We then return to Starfire’s fight with Black Adam. Black Adam and sunken his teeth into Kori’s shoulder, prompting her to piledrive him into the concrete. Her strength causes Black Adam to flee from the area in fear. Above the Earth, Donna has reached Raven who asks her to use the lasso of persuasion on Garro. Donna gains control of the giant starfish for a moment, but before we see why the scene shifts to Waller and Peacemaker arriving at Luthor’s prison. Waller and Lex converse briefly, with Lex assuming Waller needs his brilliance. Waller confides that she only needs something that Lex stole from the Batcave and the issue ends.

5Story – 5: Best event in DC for a very long time. This is an action heavy story with just enough intrigue to peak interest. I do not think that the underlying plot of what Waller is doing will be resolved by the end of the story. Her arc seems to be leading to a much bigger conflict later on. Even putting her story aside it is just fun to see superheroes turned into animal monsters and fight other superheroes. Taylor is showing that he has a strong voice for the Titans. In fact, the Titans have been so fun as the event leads that I hope the Justice League isn’t reformed anytime soon, unless it is helmed by Phillip Kennedy Johnson now that he is not on Action Comics. This story is continuing to grow in enjoyment and I would highly recommend you to pick it up and join the ride.

5Art – 5: Lucas Meyer does his best to fill in for Ivan Reis in this issue. He has the unenviable task of following in Ivan’s shoes. For the most part the art in this issue still crackles with great energy. Particular high points are the transformation of Power Girl, her flaming wings and flaming eagles’ head look incredible. Another high point is the look of Jon in his blue costume, his regular costume still looks boring, but Lucas does a great job of showing his powered up phase. He also manages to show real emotion in the face of Lion Black Adam during his fight with Starfire. I also loved the page layout and art of Waller’s infiltration of the prison. The page of them landing at the prison and the shark people attacking hit all the right notes for me.

5Cover Art – 5: This cover is so full of energy and ferocity. It looks incredible seeing infected Batman, in chains, confronting Waller who has the key. Waller looks great in this image as well, it perfectly encapsulates her iron will.

5Variant Cover (Bjorn Barends) – 5: Bjorn Barends art is very realistic. The illustration of the mini Garro’s is creepy, especially with the giant Garro in the background. It’s a great cover all around.

3Variant Cover (Mirka Andolfo) – 3: Mirka Andolfo’s cover seems out of place with this story. This cover is oversimplified and kitschy, which isn’t always bad, but just doesn’t match up with the feel of the issue.

5Variant Cover (Clayton Henry) – 5: Clayton Henry’s lenticular covers for this series have been awesome so far. I could watch the transformation over and over again. Fantastic image.

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