Mild Mannered Reviews – Sinister Sons #1

Sinister Sons #1

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Sinister Sons #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 13, 2024
Cover date: April 2024

“Bad Sons Rising”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: David Lafuente
Cover: Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy
Variant Cover: Dan Mora
Variant Cover: Jamal Campbell
1:25 Variant Cover: V. Ken Marion and Danny Miki
1:50 Variant Cover: Ramon Perez
Special Acetate Variant Cover: Pete Woods

Reviewed by: JP Rocha

The story starts off with Sinson unveiling his plan to escape from Xela and go to Koragar to join his “father” Sinestro. He is creating never before seen weapons that will make everyone tremble. Part of his escape plan is building himself a ship, but before he can build this ship, he needs money, and lots of it. And so, he is devising a crew of orphans like himself, to steal anything he needs, and manipulating them for his own gain.

Lor-Zod, who was banished from New Krypton by his father, is looking for a planet of his own to rule. He has decided to make Xela that planet. Lor lands his ship not far from Sinson, who believes ‘why steal what I need to make a ship, when I can steal Lor’s ship’.

Having done his research Lor knows exactly who rules the planet and where to find them. He does just that and shows through force, who is now in charge of Xela. Lor is told by the pirates in charge that there is also a small armed force that they do not control. Lor states that all will pledge their fealty and all will kneel before… but before he can finish someone (Sinson) takes off with his ship. The issue closes with Lor-Zod and Sinson confronting one another.

3Story – 3: “Sinister Sons” is a good point to jump on without reading anything else. Rolling out of the pages of “Green Lantern” and “Kneel Before Zod”, this issue is largely set up. This story entitled “Bad Sons Rising” mainly catches the reader up with what has happened in the “Green Lantern” and “Kneel Before Zod” setup. This issue gives character background to let us know how vicious Sinson and Lor-Zod are, as well as insight into what they both want. Most importantly, we see that for the most part, they are both on their own and trust no one.

4Art – 4: The art is strong in this issue. It is bright and colorful and not dark and muted like many modern books are. David Lafuente’s designs work great for this book. We do not get enough drawings to judge the design of the established characters. On the first page, Sinestro looks good, but is presented as a drawing of Sinson’s in a notebook. In another example, we also see Ursa-Zod for two pages as a hologram, and this is also not enough basis to judge her full design. Lafuente effectively uses backgrounds as needed, with either having needed details or solid or muted background that do not distract readers from the story.

4Cover Art – 4: This is a well done main cover by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy. Spotlighting the Sinister Son’s Sinson and Lor-Zod, and in the background we can see Dru-Zod and Sinestro. While I am not a fan of Lor’s design, the cover team does a good job making him actually look good, as he should be represented.

The best of the variant covers is the V. Ken Marion and Danny Miki featuring the Sinister Son’s beating up Green Lantern and Superman. The main variants by Dan Mora and Jamal Campbell are also good covers. They both do a good job working with the poor design of Lor-Zod. For Super Sons fans the Mora cover also has Damian and Jon. Finally, although it features the worst aspects of the Lor-Zod design, the Pete Woods variant is a cool design, plus it is an acetate cover which are always impressive.

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