Mild Mannered Reviews – Titans: Beast World #2

Titans: Beast World #2

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Titans: Beast World #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 12, 2023
Cover date: February 2024

“Titans: Beast World – Part 2”

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Ivan Reis
Cover: Reis, Miki, and Anderson
Variant Covers: Bjorn Barends, Kendrick “Kunkka” Lim, Clayton Henry & Marcelo Maiolo, and Nick Bradshaw

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

Reviewer’s Note: To prevent as many spoilers as possible, this will be brief.

Raven rescues Cyborg in space, he comes to in time to see the heroes of earth fighting the giant Garro. On earth, Animal Man is getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new organisms enter the Red. Meanwhile, Nightwing and Batman are attempting to protect civilians. Here we have an incredible moment where Batman comforts a child while being mauled by beasts. It is such an incredible Batman moment, I don’t want to say anything more about it. Nightwing catches the boy and then drops down to help Batman fight off the beasts. He starts conversing with Barbara who lets him know that this is happening all over the world, and that Kahndaq is burning. Starfire and Donna head over there to confront Lion Black Adam, the fight is short in this issue, and I am hoping it will continue in the next. While it rages on Waller if convincing the president to be give her executive powers to end the problem. That’s where I will leave things for now.

5Story – 5: Another fantastic chapter in this event. Where has this Tom Taylor been? This may be his best work at DC. The story is fast paced, the characters are acting true to form, and the explanations are just enough to keep you going. There is also the matter of what is Waller up to in all of this, and I hope we don’t get that overly explained. Great issue, I don’t want to spoil too much of it, but suffice to say they discover that the Garros will hop from one host to another depending upon who is more powerful. This practically prevents any of the heavy hitters like the Superfamily, or Starfire and Donna, from getting too involved. If you want a thrilling, fast paced comics that represents the fun of the medium… get this comics.

5Art – 5: Reis will be missed from DC, his art here it incredible. His action is gorgeous and the character work is beautiful. The splash page of the heroes fighting Garro is jawdropping, as is the splash page of Batman. Even the face shots look fantastic, reading this comic after looking at “‘Twas the Mite Before Christmas” was the perfect palette cleanser.

5Cover Art – 5: This image is awesome! Garro in the background, Lion Black Adam in the foreground. That Lion Black Adam is so cool, I want a figure of that character.

5Variant Cover (Bjorn Barends) – 5: This cover is hyper realistic and looks incredible!

5Variant Cover (Kendrick Lim) – 5: Another great cover, the beasts look so surreal and creepy.

4Variant Cover (Nick Bradshaw Lenticular Cover) – 4: This cover is cool, I love the lenticular gimmick of Black Adam transforming into Lion Black Adam. But the art is kind of simple and plain.

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