Mild Mannered Reviews – Multiversity: Teen Justice #6

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Multiversity: Teen Justice #6 [of 6]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 8, 2022
Cover date: January 2023

“Will to Survive” – Part Six: “Walls of Heartache”

Writer: Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore
Artist: Marco Failla
Cover: Robbi Rodriguez
Variant Covers: Stephanie Hans and Eleonora Carlini

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

Kid Quick faces Sinestra after Raven’s sacrifice last issue. Wanting to protect their friends Kid Quick whisks the other members of Teen Justice away. Aquagirl is having trouble processing Raven’s death so Robin and Supergirl explain how they dealt with the death of their parents (Batwoman and Superwoman) and the pretenders that showed up. But the real ones always come back. Meanwhile Kid Quick fights for their lives against the Green Lantern corp. The rest of Teen Justice show up in the invisible transport flown by Troy. Sinestra turns on the rest of the Corp killing them. She uses their rings to become more powerful than ever. Gigi finds a Green Lantern ring and calling herself Warrior (her real name is Georgia Gardner!) defeats Sinestra with one blow from a giant green broomstick. With Sinestra now secured the team revels in their success. Suddenly in a flash and boom the Justice Guild return to the delight of their protégés. Aquagirl tells Star Sapphire of the sacrifice Hal Jordan made and died thinking of Carol. After the memorial of Hal Jordan Teen Justice rallies talking about what’s next for the team. While they fly away in the invisible transport somewhere a horned being starts to rise through a pool of blood.

4Story – 4: I continue to praise this book. This issue was action packed and the team dynamic was great. The book as a whole has been a really solid read. The team grew in just these six issues. In the beginning they seemed to be disjointed but really came together during the last few issues. Who knew Gigi was really a female Guy Gardner? That was a bit of a surprise. I also loved the flashback of the female Bane defeating Batwoman and the gender switched members during the reign of the Superwomen. Nice touch. This book has a classic Titans feel to it and I would be thrilled to see it continue. If the last panel is any indication we may see Teen Justice again.

4Art – 4: The art has stayed solid and consistent throughout the six issues. Marco Failla has impressed me and will be looking for more of his work.

4Cover Art – 4: Yes again it’s just the team flying toward the reader, but after six issues I think the team has earned the right. It is the last issue after all.

4Variant Cover Art – 4: While these covers are nothing special they are fun and I’m thrilled that Supergirl got her own cover.

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