Mild Mannered Reviews – Multiversity: Teen Justice #4

Multiversity: Teen Justice #4

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Multiversity: Teen Justice #4

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 5, 2022
Cover date: November 2022

“Will to Survive” – Part Four: “The Great Divide”

Writer: Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore
Artist: Marco Failla
Cover: Robbi Rodriguez
Variant Covers: Stephanie Hans

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

We begin yesterday. Troy is working out in the gym at the Church of Blood. He discovers someone held prisoner. Suddenly from behind Raven’s spirit appears. But before he can help Kilawog appears as does the Green Lanterns and they subdue Troy.

In the present Teen Justice regroup and discuss current events. Between understanding what’s happened to Raven and Troy, and Klarienne giving Aquagirl attitude about going away with the Justice Guild, the team seems torn but after Raven appears they realize they have to stop the bickering and find Troy. Suddenly a group of acolytes appear carrying guns fashioned by Green Lantern rings. The team subdue them. After Jesse Quick searches for Troy she finds him being held by the Green Lanterns. Soon the Lanterns are pursuing the team. Jesse thinks quick and grabs Robin and Troy before they’re killed. The team fight the Lanterns but when they get the upper hand Raven teleports the team out of there. While they’re now safe Raven is missing and Aquagirl is ready for a fight.

4Story – 4: Again this is just a fun title. While Supergirl doesn’t play a big part in this alternate version of the Teen Titans, the group are shaping up to be a great team. I love the evil alternate Green Lantern Corp. Seeing a female Kilawog and different versions of Sinestro and Kyle is a lot of fun. Kyle even references an incident in her life when someone close was found in a refrigerator. The characters have become well developed and the Lanterns’ scheme with the Church of Blood is getting a bit clearer. The penultimate issue is next and I can’t wait to see what happens.

4Art – 4: Once again Marco Failla’s pencils are wonderful. Very crisp and the characters are well defined. Not being familiar with his work I didn’t know what to expect but I’m very pleased so far.

3Cover Art – 3: Nice cover depicting a fallen team is well done but not very eye catching. Still I like the mix of colors in the background which does make the team standout.

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