Mild Mannered Reviews – Multiversity: Teen Justice #1

Multiversity: Teen Justice #1

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Multiversity: Teen Justice #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 7, 2022
Cover date: August 2022

“Will to Survive” – Part One: “New Girl in Town”

Writer: Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore
Artist: Marco Failla
Cover: Robbi Rodriguez
Variant Covers: Stephanie Hans, Stephen Byrne, Bengal, Failla and Angiolini

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

Teen Justice roll call:
Supergirl (Laurel Kent, daughter of Superwoman)
Robin (Daughter of Batwoman and Ali Al Ghul)
Kid Quick (Niece of Jesse Quick)
Troy (Apprentice to Wonderman)
Klarienne (Apprentice of Zatanna)
Aquagirl (Niece to Aquawoman)
Raven (?)

We meet Gigi, new to New York, on her way to a meeting of The Church of Blood when she steps right smack in the middle of a fight between Teen Justice and H.I.V.E (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination). Gigi is nearly run over by a H.I.V.E agent who’s heading for Dr. Stone of STAR Labs when Kid Quick intervenes.

After dispatching the H.I.V.E agents for the time being we learn the agents were after Dr Stone’s secret research. Later on a stakeout at STAR Labs, Supergirl and Robin encounter Thunder and Lightning who steal Dr Stone’s data.

We follow Gigi to a Church of Blood meeting, headed by the mysteriously cloaked Sister of Blood, who is trying to recruit members for her Cult. Gigi is intrigued and moves into the church’s facilities. In the cafeteria Gigi is given a note from the Sister who seems to have taken an interest in her. We also encounter a field hockey game being played by Teen Justice where they fight a lot. Seems their Leader Aquagirl is none to pleased that Supergirl and Robin arranged their own stakeout.

Later in a secret room, Sister Blood walks in on Killiwog working on a mysterious device using the data stolen from Dr Stone. Killowog has some fears about this. Sister takes off her cloak to reveal Sinestra! Sinestra has no fears.

4Story – 4: I enjoyed this issue, though keeping track of who’s who and which hero they’re related to was a bit taxing. These characters were introduced in “DC’s Very Merry Multiverse” a couple of years back which is a fun tale of the yet to be Teen Justice fighting this universe’s Starro to save their mentors. This issue is a bit more detailed, especially with the introduction of Gigi who seems to be the key to what’s going down at the Church. The gender swapping of the heroes works well having their own identities and relationships. The character of Raven is a bit of an outsider who has yet to join the team. Still he and Troy seem to be in an on again off again relationship. The reveal of Sinestra (obviously the counterpart to Sinestro) is intriguing. What do the Green Lanterns have to do with Dr Stone’s data, H.I.V.E and the church of Blood? And a female Killiwog! Who it seems is not working on the side of the angels (for now). This first issue is just setting up what’s to come but it already has me guessing… and what more do you want for a first issue? All in all I had a fun time.

4Art – 4: I’m not familiar with Marco Failla but I really like what he’s done here. The characters are well defined and character’s actions are well drawn. Liked to see more of his work elsewhere.

4Cover Art – 4: The cover is very busy and very colorful which perfectly conveys the issue’s content.

1Variant Cover Art – 1: This cover is very simple. It’s slightly cartoony but has a clean look.

3Pride Variant Cover Art – 3: Most of these covers are just group shots and this one is the weakest. Just the team standing against a white background. It’s alright.

41:25 Variant Cover Art – 4: Another colorful image of the team. Characters look great.

31:50 Variant Cover Art – 3: Nice image of Robin. Not so special but looks good.

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