Mild Mannered Reviews – Action Comics #1044

Action Comics #1044

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Action Comics #1044

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 28, 2022
Cover date: August 2022

“Warworld Revolution” – Part 2

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Riccardo Federici and Will Conrad
Cover: Lucio Parrillo
Variant Cover: Ian Churchill
Pride Variant Cover: Derek Charm

Reviewed by: James Lantz

The child called the Orphan was born when the Source Wall was breached in “Justice League: No Justice”. Source Wall energy saved him, and Mongul took her to learn whatever secrets that preservation could teach. His Orphan Box can transcend space and time, and Orphan herself knows Superman needs to harness the power of the Genesis Fragments to win his rebellion against Mongul. To do that, Superman and The Authority will need help on Earth. First, they must save Enchantress. If they do that, Superman could be a step closer to victory. Lightray has been revived in a new, darker form while Mongul brutally slays what could be another of his followers. The Orphan, Superman and The Authority rescue Enchantress, but it may be too late for Lightray.

3Story – 3: There have been moments throughout this and recent issues that have been unevenly paced. One moment, things move faster than a speeding bullet, and the next, they crawl at a snail’s pace. I feel like maybe this overall Warworld arc was intended to be featured in two monthly comics instead of one. It’s still a good read, but it isn’t as good as earlier chapters. It’s gone on a little too long for my taste. However, I still hold on to the hope that Phillip Kennedy Johnson will bring this book back to the glory it had when he started his run.

5Art – 5: For some reason I cannot fathom, the two art styles don’t seem to blend well on some pages. Others in this issue look great. Yet, the images that don’t make the entire published product look more odd than in previous chapters.

“A World Without Clark Kent” – Part 1

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: David Lapham

Exposure to the Genesis Fragment is causing Thao-La to overload the power grid of Steelworks. Without it, she could die. Kara Zor-El speedily flies her comatose form closer to the Earth’s yellow sun in hopes that it will save the Phaelosian. Afterwards, a message comes from Natasha Irons on Warworld. She states that the Genesis Fragment is too unstable in its pure form. It must be refined to help Thao-La and Warworld. Nat knows someone who can help, but the technology is unavailable on Warworld. Nat and her Uncle John Henry Irons must work together if the Phaelosians, Warworld and Earth are to survive what may come. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller is recruiting Kenny Braverman, better known as Conduit, for a mission to get the Genesis Fragment.

5Story – 5: Truth be told, I was expecting this back-up much sooner in Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s run. It doesn’t feel like filler material like last month’s second feature did. Plus seeing Steel, Kara and Lois while Clark is offworld makes for interesting storytelling in Johnson’s hands. Quite frankly, this should have been a subplot in the main story from the get-go. I hope this story continues to be this superb as it progresses.

5Art – 5:Had this art been in a Batman or Punisher comic, it would not have worked as well as in this. Lapham really makes his art show off the Superfamily perfectly.

5Cover Art – 5: The dynamic style of Parrillo dares someone to buy this book. It’s a pity he didn’t do interior art.

5Variant Cover Art – 5: Ian Churchill’s style has changed for the better in this variant, and I’ve always loved his art since his days on Cable.

5Pride Variant Cover Art – 5: Pride related comics are long overdue and so are covers such as this one.

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