McFarlane Toys Relaunches Classic DC Super Powers Line of Action Figures

DC Super Powers

Todd McFarlane announced today via YouTube that McFarlane Toys is set to bring back the 1980s line of DC Comics action figures known as the DC Super Powers collection.

The new DC Super Powers action figures and vehicles will be available very soon, but exclusive to Walmart stores.

Figures McFarlane gives us a preview of in the video below include Superman, Darkseid and the Supermobile.

“Different sizes, different scales and different characters,” McFarlane explains in the video. “Obviously, you’re going to get bad guys, you’re going to get some good guys and you’re going to get some of your favorites that are in there.”

“You can take all these toys out of the packages, take this cool little box with the Batwing and whatever else and guess what happens when it comes out – out of this small box, you get this big toy. All of them come with some fun action.”

Originally produced by Kenner Products in the 1980s, many of the Super Powers Collection featured hidden mechanisms within the figures that would trigger an action when the figure’s legs or arms were squeezed.

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July 19, 2022 7:37 pm

First the return of Mego, now this?!