“Man of Steel” was nearly helmed by “Top Gun” director Tony Scott

Man of Steel

In an interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, producer David Goyer revealed that “Top Gun” director Tony Scott was very close to being chosen to take on “Man of Steel”, with Zack Snyder ultimately being chosen as the film’s director.

“It was a very deliberative process. Chris met with, I want to say, about five directors and it came down to Zack and another director, and it felt like Zack was the right call. I think Zack was the right call. It was really exciting, the fact that Zack wanted to shoot that movie handheld, which was I thought a brilliant idea,” Goyer explained. “What’s interesting in the Elseworlds version of what could have been is, Chris had already met with Tony Scott, so there’s a version of a Tony Scott Man of Steel in some parallel universe. I think Tony Scott doesn’t get as much credit as he should be given, because he was an equally phenomenal director as his brother, and that’s a movie I would have liked to have seen.”

“Man of Steel” was released in 2013, and while critically acclaimed, created somewhat of a divide amongst Superman fans, especially in regards to Superman’s decision to kill General Zod. It would have been interesting to see how different Scott’s version might have been.