James Gunn Not Making a “Younger Superman” Movie

Superman: Legacy

In a response on the Threads social media platform, director James Gunn reveals that the upcoming “Superman: Legacy” film isn’t about a young Superman.

When referencing the new “Blue Beetle” film, a fan asked if Jaime knowing who Superman is means Gunn’s “young Superman” film will be set in the past, Gunn responded with, “I was never making a ‘young Superman’ movie, just a Superman movie!”

Fans assumed Gunn’s “Superman: Legacy” was about a younger Superman when Henry Cavill wasn’t considered for the role in the new film. Earlier this year Gunn said that, “He’s working. He’s a reporter. He’s at the Daily Planet. Again, we’re coming into a world where superheroes exist and have existed. So, does that mean Batman might be a couple years older than Superman? Yes, it could be.”

The The Hollywood Reporter speculated that Superman would be about 25 years old in the upcoming movie, Gunn clarified by saying that Superman would be “younger than in his forties” and that he “might be” a little younger than Batman.

“Yeah but people are speculating about both ages. All I ever said was Superman was younger than in his forties and Batman MIGHT be a couple years older than Superman.”

“Superman: Legacy” is scheduled to be released July 11, 2025.