Interview – “Superman: Man of Tomorrow” Writer Tim Sheridan – Part 3

Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Ed Gross from has posted the third and final part of his interview with “Superman: Man of Tomorrow” animated movie screenwriter Tim Sheridan for the latest episode of his podcast.

This is the third and final part of our interview with Tim Sheridan, writer of the animated film Superman: Man of Tomorrow, which chronicles the early days of the Man of Steel in Metropolis and the moment when he truly embraces his destiny as Superman for the first time. In this installment we talk about the “S” crest and whether or not it stands for Superman or Hope. Additionally, we address the question of whether or not there will be future animated adventures set in this time period and, most importantly, the role of Superman in the 21st Century. In a society with such political turmoil and ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, what does the Last Son of Krypton represent?

If you haven’t seen Superman: Man of Tomorrow, you can do so through streaming on HBO Max and elsewhere, or on Blu-ray and DVD.