Heritage Auctions Lists Original “Death of Superman” Art by Jon Bogdanove

Death of Superman

Artist Jon Bogdanove is selling off pieces of original art from the “Death of Superman” era from his personal collection via Heritage Auctions.

In a post on Facebook, Bogdanove wrote, “If you’ve ever thought of owning a piece of the “Death of Superman” – the best, most historic pages of original art from my own collection are on auction now. This is a once in a lifetime moment.”

There are 12 items on offer, including original art by Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke from issues #18-20 of “Superman: The Man of Steel”, original art from the cover of the “Death of Superman” Trade Paperback collection, original art from the cover of the “Zero Hour” edition of “Superman: The Man of Steel #37” and the “Zero Hour” pin-up illustration of Batman surrounded by many different eras of Superman.

The auction ends April 7-10. Place your bids at Heritage Auctions.

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Michael Hadwiger
March 20, 2022 3:09 pm

To this day, I still think he is one of the worst artists to ever draw Superman