“Game of Thrones” Actor Joins “Justice League” Cast

Michael McElhatton, the Irish actor and writer best known for playing the role of Roose Bolton on “Game of Thrones”, spoke with Red Carpet News TV from the premiere of his new National Geographic series “Genius”, talking briefly about his knowledge of the upcoming “Justice League” movie.

McElhatton, who has an unknown role in the film, started by saying, “I can’t really tell you anything about that. Who knows, maybe they’re doing reshoots. I can’t really say, but it looks pretty amazing.”

When asked about what he thought the tone of the movie would be like, he replied, “It’s hard to know, they shoot so much stuff. There’s probably going to be a lot more humor in it, I think would be the main difference compared to [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice].”

He did confirm that he appears early in the film, in the opening sequence in fact, describing it was “dark, but in a good way.”

“The scene I did… Well at the moment I can say it’s a big kind of opening scene. It was pretty dark actually, in it’s tone. But in a good way… I quite like that. It wasn’t comic book-y, but you can thread a certain amount of humor in it, which maybe [Batman v Superman] was lacking.”

“Justice League” will be released in theaters on November 17, 2017.