Exploring Martian Relationships on “Supergirl”

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg tells Entertainment Weekly that the relationship between J’onn and M’gann will be further explored in the second half of Season 2 of “Supergirl”.

“His relationship with M’gann is an important one over this next batch of episodes. There is some really great stuff for David [Harewood] and Sharon [Leal] that we are really excited about. We love Sharon’s performance and we love seeing David and Sharon together, it’s some of our favorite stuff this season. We’ve been really lucky with our romantic pairings this season and we really think that J’onn and M’gann have a great storyline coming up.”

Source: EW.com

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January 7, 2017 10:28 am

Now that M’gann has been outed as a White Martian, will she still use her Green Martian image? And would Hank find that offensive?