Emmanuelle Chriqui Talks About Playing Lana Lang on “Superman & Lois”


DC Comics has published an interview with Emmanuelle Chriqui about her role as Lana Lang-Cushing on “Superman & Lois,” where things are at for her character, how long she can continue working for Morgan Edge, and how her character would react if she found out Clark’s secret. Here’s a portion of the interview in which she discusses what research she did to play the role and Lana’s relationship with Clark Kent.

What kind of research did you have to do to play Lana? Comics? Past live action takes? How did that affect your own performance?

It’s a great question and probably a very surprising answer. I did not do that kind of research. I didn’t watch anything. I’ve never watched previous Lana Langs. I didn’t read comic books. I never saw Smallville. I think the most that I’ve ever seen was the Richard Donner Superman movie. For me, that helped. The thing that is sort of tricky is that you never want to imitate somebody. That’s just dangerous territory. I didn’t want to box myself in with any preconceived notions of what other people thought of Lana or how she is. So, I was able to go deep on just who she was as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend in this world. When I needed any mythology, I asked (showrunner and executive producer) Todd Helbing to fill me in. But otherwise, I think a lot of it was in the writing. There’s just so much meat on the bone that I was able to really delve into it purely from a character-driven place.

So far, Lana’s had lots of scenes with Lois, but not so many with Clark. Considering the close relationship they’ve traditionally had, would you like to see more moments between them?

I would love to see more moments with Lana and Clark, for sure. I don’t know what they have in mind, but I could definitely see that happening, just to keep exploring that friendship a little bit because yeah, they’re best friends. They talk about how close they are, so it would be really nice to see more of that. But I also think it was a really good move to focus on Lois and Lana getting to know each other and becoming close because I think in their closeness, we’ll inevitably get to then see the closeness between Lana and Clark since there’s no threat. I think we needed to establish that—that they’re on the same team and not against each other.

Read the entire interview at DCComics.com.