Douglas Smith Cast as Jimmy Olsen for Season 4 of “Superman & Lois”

Douglas Smith is Jimmy Olsen

According to, actor Douglas Smith has been cast to play Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen in the fourth and final season of “Superman & Lois”.

Described as an extroverted 20-something known for being the “life of the party” around the office. “Despite being work colleagues with Clark, he’s been unable to get him out of his ‘awkward’ shell,” according to Jimmy’s official description. “Unaware of Clark’s super-secret, Jimmy’s still determined to become his pal.”

Known for his roles in HBO’s “Big Love” and Season 2 of “Big Little Lies,” Douglas Smith is the younger brother of Gregory Smith, who has directed 8 episodes of “Superman & Lois” to date.

Previously played by Mehcad Brooks in the “Supergirl” TV series, Douglas Smith’s version of the character will be the first time Jimmy has made an appearance in the “Superman & Lois” TV series.

The fourth and final season of “Superman & Lois” will see the return of series regulars Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman, Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, Alex Garfin as Jordan Kent, Michael Bishop as Jonathan Kent and Michael Cudlitz as Lex Luthor. All other cast members are said to be returning in cameo or recurring character roles. Yvonne Chapman was recently announced as being cast in the role of Amanda McCoy, who acted as head of LuthorCorp in Lex Luthor’s absence.

“Superman & Lois” Season 4 is expected to premiere in Fall 2024 (September-October).