Dick Tracy Minit Mysteries Comic Strip Investigates the Death of George Reeves

Since the beginning of the week, the Dick Tracy comic strip has followed a “Minit Mysteries” story in which Dick Tracy investigates the death of a famous actor named “George Reeds” who famously portrayed the TV superhero “Ultraman”.

An obvious homage to the mystery surrounding the death of George Reeves, who played Superman in the “Adventures of Superman” 1950s TV series, the comic strip sees Dick Tracy arrive at the residence in Benedict Canyon to question the star’s fiance “Lenore Lovecraft” and other guests in the house.

The story began on April 1 and will concluded on Sunday, April 8. Read it at GoComics.com. Strips republished below with permission of author Mike Curtis.

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Thanks to Charles Coletta for the lead on this info.

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April 8, 2018 7:18 pm

The Dick Tracy strip has been on a roll since artist Joe Staton and writer Mike Curtis took over (Curtis happens to be a big Superman fan)