DC Unveils New Super-Family Costumes

New Super-Family Costumes

Promoting their panels at New York Comic Con this weekend, DC has given us a first look at the updated costumes Superman, Jon and other members of the super-family of superheroes will soon be wearing in the comic books.

The graphic for DC’s Saturday, October 8 schedule of panels features artwork by Dan Mora (possibly for an upcoming cover of either “Action Comics” or “Superman, Son of Kal-El”) with Superman, Jon, Supergirl, New Superman (Kenan Kong), Steel (Natasha Irons), and Superboy (Conner Kent). All appear to be wearing new costumes.

While we can only see the top half of Superman in the graphic, it’s clear that the cuffs are gone from Superman’s wrists, which were added by Jim Lee some years ago.

Jon Kent is in a completely new look, with collar and a stylized “S” shield more like the one Supergirl has been wearing in recent years.

Supergirl is now in a new pants-suit, with dark blue upper, long-sleeve jacket, with lighter blue pants.

Superboy is back in a leather jacket adorned costume that brings back memories of his 1990s look.

Steel is mostly steel, with a short-sleeve dark blue and red hoodie.

New Superman (Kong Keenan) is in a costume similar to Supergirl’s with different designs, along with his usual yin-yang “S” shield symbol.

All characters (other than Superman) have “S” shields on each shoulder/upper arm area of their costume.

DC’s Superman Panel will take place on Saturday, October 8 from 1:45pm – 2:45pm in Room 406.1. This November marks the 30th Anniversary of “The Death of Superman,” at a moment when DC’s Superman story is more dynamic than ever. Writers Dan Jurgens (The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary), Joshua Williamson (Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths), Mark Russell (Superman: Space Age) and Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics) are joined by moderator Alex Segura (Superman: Kal-El Returns), to share what’s comings up for the iconic Super Hero in 2023.