DC Short Sleeve Shirts by RSVLTS

Apparel brand RSVLTS has teamed up with DC Comics to produced a line of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman clothing.

The Superman items on offer include three short sleeve button-up shirts:

KUNUFLEX Short Sleeve Shirt
We can confidently say that this shirt was not created in the Bizarro World. Nope, it’s just a perfect beauty of a KUNUFLEX button down, featuring an epic fight between Superman and Bizarro, surrounded by ice and Kryptonite. Needless to say, wear it anywhere, and you’ll be as cool as the Fortress of Solitude.

KUNUFLEX Short Sleeve Shirt
Your wardrobe is heating up! Think that’s a plaid stripe on this deep blue KUNUFLEX button down? Think again, because Superman is taking flight and powering up with one of his greatest abilities: heat vision. This subtle, clever pattern will make you put your glasses on, Clark Kent style, for a double take.

KUNUFLEX Short Sleeve Shirt
Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow. Give your wardrobe a hero’s welcome with this two-tone KUNUFLEX button down celebrating both sides of the Man of Steel. What’s the secret? A special decoder that comes with the shirt’s hangtag gives you the power to investigate the mysteries beyond the design, almost like you’re a reporter at the Daily Planet. To the naked eye, you might see Superman flying with Krypto the Super-Dog, rescuing Lois Lane, and ripping apart a metal chain with his bare hands. BUT, take a look through your decoder and reveal Clark Kent taking his dog for a walk, cozying up with his main squeeze, and transforming into Superman with that iconic S-shield hidden behind his suit and tie disguise.

Priced at US$70.00 each, you can order your Superman Short Sleeve Shirts from RSVLTS.com.

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