DC Launches “Daily Planet” Website

Daily Planet

DC has launched a Daily Planet website at DailyPlanet.com in which the citizens of Metropolis can keep informed of everything going on in their world.

Designed to look like an official website of the Daily Planet newspaper, the page highlights some of the major stories currently taking place in the DC Universe.

Cat Grant’s headline reads: MYSTERIOUS SUPER-TWINS SPOTTED!

We’ve all seen the Man of Steel flying around metropolis, but who are the new kids patrolling the skies with superman? Are they heroes in training? Should these children be fighting the forces of evil… or sitting through math class?

SUPERCORP: HAS LUTHOR CORRUPTED SUPERMAN? Reads the headline by Deb Donovan.

Imprisoned billionaire Lex Luthor has seemingly given control of his company to superman under the new name of Supercorp. Has Luthor turned over a new leaf, ls or is this simply his latest scheme to take over the world?

While an article by Clark Kent himself reads: METAHUMAN MAYHEM

The Lazarus Storms may have ended, but the repercussions live on. With more metahumans than ever, an army of transformed outcasts have been created—leaving the Doom Patrol with a new mission to save the world by saving its monsters.

Check out the Daily Planet website at DailyPlanet.com.