DC Announces “Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus Vol. 1” Hardcover Collection

DC has announced the upcoming release of the Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus Vol. 1 Hardcover collection!

Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus Vol. 1

Written by Roger Stern, Jeremiah Ordway and Louise Simonson with art by Jackson Guice and Tom Grummett, Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus Vol. 1 sees the fan-favorite Superman stories that defined the ’90s return in a massive omnibus collection!

The 1990s saw a new wave of creative vitality and fan interest in comics’ original superhero, with four tightly connected monthly series bringing the Man of Steel to new heights: Superman, Adventures of Superman, Action Comics, and Superman: The Man of Steel.

These four series, while continuing to retain their own distinct voices, worked closely in tandem with each other, telling a detailed larger narrative of Superman’s never-ending battle. In turn, DC added numbered triangle icons to each cover, indicating to readers exactly where in the story a given Superman issue would fall – ushering in what readers fondly remember as “the triangle era.”

Following years of demand, these revered stories return with Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus Vol. 1, a comprehensive collection of the first year of these comics from creators including Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern, Jon Bogdanove, Bob McLeod, and more. Stories include “Time and Time Again,” “Blackout,” and Clark Kent revealing his secret identity to Lois Lane!

This volume collects Superman #49-64; Adventures of Superman #472-486; Action Comics #659-673; Superman: The Man of Steel #1-8.

Priced at US$116.52 and scheduled to arrive September 3, 2024, you can order your copy of the Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus Vol. 1 [Hardcover] now!

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March 20, 2024 10:30 pm

This is fantastic news! This has been a dream of mine. I will definitely try to pick up a copy of this. However, I must admit that I am a bit confused. The Exile and Other Stories omnibus ended with Action Comics #646, Adventures of Superman #460, and Superman #37. Why are we skipping Action Comics #647-658, Adventures of Superman #461-471, and Superman #38-48? That’s practically a full year of stories, including a pretty important story, The Day of the Krypton Man. (I understand that technically those issues didn’t have the triangles on the covers, but those didn’t appear until… Read more »

March 21, 2024 3:54 pm

I’d love to purchase this as long as it also gets a digital release. Hopefully the Apple book store will get it so I can buy it digitally.