Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman – Brainiac and the Battle for Metropolis (Chapter 6)

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman

Chapter 6: Strategic Brilliance

Realizing the need for a more calculated approach, Superman shifted his strategy. He drew upon his intellect, analyzing Brainiac’s defensive patterns and considering alternative methods to exploit the identified weakness.

Dodging a series of energy blasts, Superman assessed the situation. Brainiac’s ship adapted its defenses continuously, making it challenging to target the energy conduits directly. However, Superman’s keen analytical mind led him to a different plan.

Flying at super-speed around the ship, Superman observed the ebb and flow of the defensive systems. He noticed a brief moment when the energy conduits were less shielded, presenting a vulnerability that could be exploited with precise timing.

Seizing this window of opportunity, Superman synchronized his movements with the ship’s defensive cycles. He darted in, striking the energy conduits with calculated precision during the brief openings. This strategic brilliance allowed him to inflict damage while avoiding the brunt of Brainiac’s counterattacks.


As the battle continued, Brainiac’s confidence wavered. “You are an anomaly, Kryptonian. No matter how you adapt, you cannot defy the inevitable.”

Superman pressed on, his intellect proving to be a formidable asset. The energy conduits weakened under his focused assault, and the mechanical tendrils that ensnared Metropolis began to lose their grip.

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman - Brainiac and the Battle for Metropolis (Chapter 6)

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