CGC Announces First Ever Custom Provenance Label

CGC Announces First Ever Custom Provenance Label

CGC Comics has just announced the FIRST EVER CUSTOM PROVENANCE LABEL, which will go on graded books from the recently discovered FANTAST Collection, featured in the upcoming documentary “Selling Superman”.

The owners of the collection were allowed to design their own label for this unique honor, and the story behind the label is quite interesting.

The first book to receive the custom label and to be sold with this custom label, is one of the most valuable comics in the collection – “Batman #1” 8.0. The auction for this comic book will begin March 30, 2023.

For more information about the origin and meaning of the FANTAST custom CGC label and a sneak peek trailer of the still-in-production documentary visit

“Selling Superman” is an upcoming documentary that follows director and producer Adam Schomer’s friend Darren as he contemplates selling his father’s prized possession, picking up the pieces of his childhood and rewriting a family legacy. Will he discover the heroic power we all have inside – that of choosing what we assign value to?