Capstone Releases New “Justice League” Stone Arch Books

Capstone has published a new series of “Justice League” Stone Arch Books written by Brandon T. Snider and Derek Fridolfs, with art by Tim Levins and Rex Lokus.

These 88 page illustrated paperback books are the first in a series that begin shipping this week, with more titles to be published in 2018.

The four titles currently available for $5.95 are:

Starro and the Cyberspore
by Brandon T. Snider
Illustrated by Rex Lokus, Tim Levins
When school children start changing into zombies, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and the rest of the Justice League leap into action. They soon discover that Starro the Conqueror is bent on world domination with the help of a cellphone app. Can the Justice League stop the alien starfish before it’s too late? Or will Starro’s sinister cyberspore lead to a worldwide zombie apocalypse?

Injustice Gang and the Deadly Nightshade
by Derek Fridolfs
Illustrated by Tim Levins
While thwarting an Injustice Gang heist, Batman accidentally destroys the Shade’s cane. As a veil of darkness blankets the world, the Justice League enacts a bold plan to prevent a global ice age. Can the world’s greatest team of super heroes reset time to bring light back to the world? Or will the Injustice Gang gain the upper hand on a planet that’s seen its last sunrise?

Amazo and the Planetary Reboot
by Brandon T. Snider
Illustrated by Tim Levins
Amazo arrives on Earth with a plan to solve all its problems – by wiping out its entire population! All that stands in his way is Superman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, and the rest of the Justice League. Can the world’s greatest team of super heroes shut down the superpower duplicating android before it’s too late? Or will Amazo flip the switch on a total planetary reboot?

Darkseid and the Fires of Apokolips
by Derek Fridolfs
Illustrated by Tim Levins
Darkseid has kidnapped Jason Blood (AKA the Demon Etrigan) in an attempt to reignite the central core of the planet Apokolips. Now the Justice League – led by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman – must rescue their friend. Can the world’s greatest team of super heroes stop Darkseid’s possession of Etrigan? Or will the supervillain cause a planetary core meltdown that could destroy Apokolips… and the entire universe?

The Superman Homepage caught up with writer Brandon T. Snider to get an insight into what fans can expect from this new line of Capstone “Justice League” books.

Q: What can you tell us about this new series of “Justice League” books? Who are they aimed at?

A: Capstone Publishing has done a bunch of different Batman and Superman chapter books over the years but this is the first series featuring the Justice League. They’re aimed at ages 7-12 and feature the classic line-up from the animated show but with a few additions and tweaks. The stories are simple, fun and accessible for young fans who are looking to explore the DC Universe. I like to think of them as to-go books that you can give to a kid to keep them engaged on a long car ride or vacation.

Q: You wrote “Starro and the Cyberspore” and “Amazo and the Planetary Reboot” for this series of books, what can you tell us about them?

A: In Amazo and the Planetary Reboot everyone’s favorite power absorbing android is back from the depths of space with a new mission – wipe everyone off the planet. He sees humanity as a failed experiment and wants to start fresh. Obviously, the League takes issue with that! It’ll take the might of the team’s most powerful members combined with Cyborg’s ingenuity (with a little help from Plastic Man) in order to defeat Amazo and save the world. In Starro and the Cyberspore, Cyborg investigates a meteor crash on the outskirts of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island and is taken off the grid at the same time zombified kids start popping up across the country. Coincidence? Batman doesn’t think so. The League quickly assembles to stop Starro but get taken down a few pegs when one of their own becomes mind controlled and tries to destroy them. It all comes down to Wonder Woman and Aquaman against Starro in a battle at the bottom of the ocean.

Q: The design of these books appear to be similar to that of the “Justice League Unlimited” cartoon series. Do these stories fit within the same universe?

A: They’re meant to fit within the JLU animated universe but they also feature brand-new elements that align them a little more with the current comics. Cyborg is now a member of the team. Aquaman is in his classic costume. John Stewart and Hal Jordan rotate as the team Green Lantern. I’ve enjoyed the little tweaks because it keeps things fresh. Each volume features a two-page Justice League Roll Call of all the available team members as well as a Villains Database in the back of the book. I love that kind of stuff. You never know who might show up.

Q: How did you get involved with the “Justice League” books? Were you contacted about the concept or was it something you were behind from the beginning?

A: My editor at Capstone, Chris Harbo, reached out and asked if I’d be interested. I’m a HUGE Justice League fan and was super excited at the prospect. Amazo was already chosen as the villain so I pitched him a story and that’s what I ended up writing. The concept for the Starro book was already in place when I came on board so I wrote the story based on that.

Q: As these are illustrated books, how closely did you communicate with artists Tim Levins and Rex Lokus during the project? Was it a collaborative effort?

A: The Justice League animated art style is so definitive. Tim Levins really captures the essence of those designs but adds his own flair which is cool. I include art direction in my manuscript but like to leave some room for interpretation where it makes the most sense.

Q: Writing a book like this compared to writing a comic book story – Are there many similarities? Is it basically the same procedure from your perspective, just a different publishing method?

A: Because the art element is limited in a chapter book, it’s not the same as writing a comic. Comics get to tell a story through sequential art whereas chapter books present a snapshot of a story element or event. Choosing what to feature can be challenging in some ways. These books are action-packed so that’s the focus when it comes to the art spreads. I love a good battle scene but I also try to work in smaller, more emotional story beats if I can.

Q: How long did it take you to write each book? What was the process?

A: I tend to juggle multiple projects at one time but from concept to execution I think it took a couple months maybe? Once the synopsis gets approved I usually dive right into a story breakdown, writing little bits here and there. Then I start fleshing it out and piecing it together.

Q: Do you know how many other books there are in this “Justice League” series? There appear to be two other books from Derek Fridolfs as well. Will there be more?

A: There are two other books in this particular wave. One featuring Darkseid and the other featuring the Secret Society. I really hope fans pick these books up and tell their friends about them so we can keep the series alive. I love this format because it gives kids a solid story in a tight little package. At $6 each, they’re a total steal.

Q: Are there any other Superman or Justice League projects you’re working on at the moment you can let us know about?

A: I’ve got two more Justice League books coming out in early 2018 that I’m over the moon about because they each feature my favorite villains of all time: Bizarro and Grodd. I won’t spoil the guest stars but let’s just say if you love The CW line-up of TV shows, you’re going to be super happy about who shows up. You might go nuclear! One of them is a real vixen. I’ll stop now. But keep watching Previews like a hawk so you can pre-order copies.

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August 7, 2017 12:14 am

Aahhhhh sounds like a trip down to memory lane. In all its Silver and Bronze age glory. Should be fun.