Bagzone Lifestyles Partners with Warner Bros Discovery to Launch Fashion Accessories

Superman Fashion Accessories

Bagzone Lifestyles Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Lavie Sport has collaborated with Warner Bros Discovery Global Consumer Products to launch fashion accessories.

The debut collection features three distinct ranges of backpacks showcasing DC Superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

With this collaboration, Bagzone expects substantial revenue growth and banking on the popularity of DC Superheroes to widen its reach across India.

Commenting on the partnership, Ayush Tainwala, CEO of Bagzone in a statement said, “We are thrilled to integrate iconic DC Superheroes into our products, creating a blend of style, quality, and entertainment that has never been seen before. Bagzone envisions that this collaboration will not only elevate the brand presence but also set a benchmark for future industry collaborations.”

“This distinctive blend of fashion accessories and iconic entertainment exemplifies Bagzone’s commitment to delivering innovative and boundary-pushing products. Anticipating substantial revenue growth through this collaboration, Bagzone aims to tap into the immense popularity of Warner Bros. Discovery’s iconic characters,” he added.

The collection, priced between Rs 1500 to Rs 1700 ($10), will be available for purchase both online and offline.

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