August 9, 2016: New Rebirth Bizarro Coming to “Red Hood and the Outlaws”

RedHoodRebirth1DC Comics fans will be introduced to a new “Rebirth” era version of Bizarro within the pages of “Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1”. Writer Scott Lobdell spoke with about this version of Bizarro and how he came about…

Q: You’re taking a different approach, right? The solicitations call him “fully formed.” Was that something you wanted to do with the character?

Lobdell: Yeah. Although Geoff presented us with the idea of using these characters, he almost immediately stepped away from what that meant. That meant we could start developing a character that is a Bizarro we haven’t seen before.

That was really important to me, to make sure that this book feels like you’re coming into it without needing to know that there’s the square world Bizarro, and the, you know, Forever Evil Bizarro, or Match, or you know, any other variant Bizarros we’ve met over the years.

This Bizarro is going to be a different – you know, it’s so easy to write Bizarro as funny and as childlike and unaware and naive and sometimes stupid, but none of those things appealed to me at all. I want to write a Bizarro who’s just bizarre, who thinks differently than everybody else.

And it’s going to take Jason and Artemis awhile to get past, you know, this kind of “me am Bizarro” speaking pattern. You know, it’s kind of like when you meet someone from a foreign country and they speak in a broken English. You might assume things about their difficulty communicating, but then you find out they’re a surgeon or a present of a college. So it’s you putting your own limited understanding of the person onto them. And it’s not about them, but your own interpretation of them.

Similarly, when they first meet Bizarro, it’s almost like, oh, we have to take care of this fragile creature with the power to break the Earth in half. But as they get to know him, they start to realize this is a creature who sees the world and the universe and the space between the universe and the subterranean world – maybe all at once. The possibilities with Bizarro are endless, and I’m looking forward to exploring that.

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Super El
Super El
August 9, 2016 2:01 am

I’m exited to see Artemis.

However, Lobdell…

August 9, 2016 8:40 pm

This is exactly how I’ve always wanted Bizarro to be written. More like Frankenstein’s monster, who will gradually get smarter, rather than a backwards speaking man-child.