Andrew Kreisberg Talks About Season 2 Finale of “Supergirl”

In a new interview with various media outlets, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg spoke about the upcoming episodes of Season 2 of “Supergirl”, including the Season Finale…

While Lena and Kara remain friends, Lena’s views on Supergirl may well begin to change in tonight’s new episode of The CW TV series.

“Lena has just suffered a great deal of loss; she lost her brother, she just lost Jack and she’s in a very fragile emotional state. What she could really use is a mother, and her own mother is sadly not up to the task. So along comes Rhea, who’s eager to fill the role of the supportive mother. They become this newfound family, as Rhea’s needing to be a mother, and Lena is needing to be mothered.”

With his mother meddling in this way, what does this mean for Mon-El’s relationship with Kara?

“By design, [Kara and Mon-El] have always had this tumultuous relationship, but they finally settled into a good place,” Kreisberg says. “His parents definitely complicated things for the two of them, but now they seem even more firmly committed to each other, thinking that Rhea has left the planet. Little do they know, she’s up to something sneaky. One thing we’ll ask is: Where exactly do Mon-El’s loyalties lie? He’s already made the decision to stick with Kara over his family, but is he going to be able to abide by that as Rhea’s plans unfolds?”

How crucial is Superman’s return?

“He’s incredibly crucial. I love Tyler in the part – he’s so good. It’s a bit of a different interpretation of Superman than you’ve seen. In our show, Superman has been [a superhero] for a decade, and he’s pretty comfortable with being Superman. A lot of interpretations are of him getting his start, at the beginning. For us, he’s so comfortable in the role, but the show is called ‘Supergirl,’ so our Superman is here in service of Supergirl. He’s her family. He’s her conscience. He’s her mentor. There’s also some very cool scenes between the two of them. As for wanting him to come back, we would have him back all the time, but the show is called ‘Supergirl.’ You really want it to be about her. Our partners at DC and Warner Brothers have been very generous to us, letting us have that character appear on our show. We’re grateful for every opportunity we get.”

As for the introduction of General Zod…

“I don’t really want to say too much about Zod. How and why it happens is a fun surprise. As far as his costume is concerned, we took a page out of the older, Nazi uniform that he used to wear, which was very cool. That name instantly means something to fans of Superman and Supergirl. It’s a bit of a cameo surprise in the episode.”

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May 2, 2017 12:51 pm

I’ve seen some set pics that show the Super Cousins fighting each other which honestly makes me less enthused about the finale going in.