Yvonne Chapman Cast as Amanda McCoy for “Superman & Lois”

Yvonne Chapman

According to Entertainment Weekly, Yvonne Chapman has been cast in the role of Amanda McCoy for Season 4 of “Superman & Lois,” a character from the comic books who was able to figure out Superman’s secret identity.

Set to be an advisor/ally to Lex Luthor (played by Michael Cudlitz), Amanda McCoy is described as “intelligent, cunning, and loyal”.

Having acted as the head of LuthorCorp in Lex Luthor’s absence, McCoy has reportedly lead the company to new heights. According to the official description, “Little is known about her mysterious past, but she’s the only one in Luthor’s inner circle that he views as an equal, which makes her a massive threat to the Kents… and anyone else who stands in her way.”

Amanda McCoy

First appearing in Superman #2 (with a cover date of February 1987), McCoy’s investigations into Lana Lang lead her to believe that Clark Kent and Superman were one and the same, but Lex Luthor dismissed her findings, refusing to believe that someone as powerful as Superman would ever masquerade as a normal human. McCoy was promptly fired, and eventually died while trying to prove her theory.

Yvonne Chapman, known for her roles in “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (2024), “Kung Fu” (2021) and “Family Law” (2021), will be a recurring cast member in the fourth and final season of “Superman & Lois”.

“Superman & Lois” Season 4 is expected to premiere in Fall 2024 (September-October).