William Shatner on the Cover of “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #25”

To celebrate the first anniversary issue of the “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest” comic book title, DC will issue a variant cover featuring William Shatner.

With Nicolas Cage, Paul McCartney and Jerry Seinfeld having been featured on recent variant covers of the title, this time around it’s the Star Trek star’s turn to join the World’s Finest.

William Shatner

In the hands of iconic writer Mark Waid and fan-favorite artist Dan Mora, the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight have fought interdimensional demons, allied with other DC Super Heroes, and traveled across the DC multiverse. In a special lead-in story for this landmark issue, Waid and Mora will at last highlight the first meeting between The Joker and Lex Luthor. With the two preeminent DC Super-Villains joining forces, Batman and Superman are in for BIG trouble! Also, spinning out of the pages of the Batman/Superman: World’s Finest Annual #1 (on sale January 30, 2024), Doom-Mite strikes, pointing the way to the next World’s Finest epic story!

In addition to providing the main cover for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #25, series artist Mora has also used his considerable talent to create a special variant cover celebrating Captain James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner. Shatner takes his place alongside several other celebrities that have been the focus of “cameo” style celebrity variant covers for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, joining actor Nicolas Cage, musicians Paul McCartney and Jack White, and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Additional variant covers are provided by Jamal Campbell (Superman Far Sector), Dustin Nguyen, Dave Johnson, Joelle Jones, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Christian Ward (Batman: City of Madness) and Stevan Subic (The Riddler: Year One). Contact your local comic book shop for further details and pre-ordering.

Shatner himself took to social media to alert his fans to the comic book cover…