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Season 1 - Episode 18: "Secrets"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

4Rating - 4 (out of 5): This was a really good episode because it moved the mole story along just a little bit more and that story arc feels like it has a bit more substance.

Seeing a good girl team-up was well done and I liked seeing Artemis a bit more and I hope Zatanna is on more. Every team needs a magician.

I'm actually going to start out with the bad. By main complaint was Harm. Cool character. Talking in third person the whole time? Cool for 30 seconds. I just kept thinking of the episode of Seinfeld with their friend that always talks about himself in the third person. That may be how the character talks but it's annoying.

My only other minor complaint was I thought this episode felt a little thin. You had the mole conversation with the Justice League, Aqualad and Robin, the High School Halloween dance, and Artemis and Zatanna. It's okay to spread it out sometimes but this time it felt like they could have been focusing on one or two of these plots. Still, each one was done well enough that they were still good and it didn't make the quality suffer too much.

On a negative note, Halloween? Really? They could have aired this episode earlier than this. We're almost at Thanksgiving. It's not a big deal but we're quite a bit past that holiday.

Positive: Seeing Artemis and Zatanna get closer. Artemis is very closed off and even though she wasn't too revealing, you know they are wanting her character to confide in someone. It might as well be Zatanna.

I actually liked Harm's character minus his speech choices. I'm not very familiar with this character but he's someone who could be developed more in this show.

I of course loved the action and fight scenes. They feel fast and the show puts a solid effort into making it look fast but not unrealistic despite the fact that it's a cartoon.

I was of course left wondering what is going on with The Light, but like I said earlier, the mole plot feels more solid right now anyway.

And Marvin the Martian? Classic! It was a fun side story that didn't move the characters forward but was fun to watch. I was also pleased to see Aqualad stick up for his team members despite the overall pessimism from Batman and Red Arrow. It shows why he is the team's leader.

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